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I was born in the late 70s. When I was 6 months old I was given to my aunt to take care till I was secondary 1. I only went back to my own home on Saturday afternoon and returned back to my aunt’s place on Sunday night. Even for school holidays.

When I studying in primary school I was a mild notorious kid. I was naughty but I knew what could be done and what not to be done. I remembered deeply I was indirectly framed by my classmate and got public canning. She got away from the thing she leads me to do it together. Destroying art pieces she found in the cabinet in the classroom. She said and affirmed those art pieces were from the previous year and they were useless. I had no clue how she got away from the bad things we had done together. I only knew her dad who was a Major came down to talk to the principal. singaporean son

After school, I would play with my neighbour who was my childhood friends. They are 2 brothers. 1 older than me and 1 younger than me. We were very good friends and I treated them as my siblings.

The house where I went back every weekend when I was in primary school was a rental 2 room flat. My dad did not earn much only earning less than 1k per month and my mum not working full time. I remembered the place was a very quiet place but the stairs and lift always had pee smell and family quarrelling and ppl hiding at the stairs doing illegal stuff. I did not have any friend at this “house” as I only went back on weekends.

My dad always wanted to give us a better life when we were living in a rental flat. He went to upgrade himself by learning English (He went to Chinese school when he was young) and some courses (not sure what courses). Now his English still sucks though. start business to work. Simple communication still ok. His hard work of upgrading finally paid off when I was 14 and we finally moved out of the rental flat and got our own 4 rm flat.

Even though I was a notorious kid I knew when to study. I may not score very well and got into the express stream but I was lucky to get into normal stream of a good secondary school. Top 20 or 30 in Singapore. Being notorious in primary school so don’t expect me to be a good kid in secondary school even though it’s a good school. start business to workstart business to work

When I was in secondary 1 everything still ok. When I was in secondary 2 the table didn’t turn but it broke. start business to work I turned into an ah beng. Joined gang, going home late, fighting, rioting, always changing GF, and took leisure drugs. But the funny thing is I still know when to study. Funny right? I passed my ‘N’ level and not borderline passed. But my school picked on me when I was studying sec 5 because they wanted to uproot all the notorious students. I was the only notorious student who passed the ‘N’ level and got to sec 5. One and a half months in sec 5 I was expelled by the school. The school discipline mistress picked on my hair and I was like ok I went to cut again. I cut very short and she was still not satisfied so I quarrelled with her and I flipped her the bird. start business to work My mum was called in to meet the principal. After negotiating with the school they insisted me to leave. My mum is a very cool mum. She was pissed with the principal and discipline mistress too while negotiating. In the end, she said in front of them “Son, go back to your class and grab your bag. Don’t study in this LJ (fuck up) school anymore.” Today I told my mum what she said last time she said “I don’t remember I said that. No lah. I won’t say this kind of thing.” start business to workstart business to workstart business to work Come on mum, this kind of cool moves we will not forget. start business to workstart business to workstart business to work

Straight after leaving the school we went to ITE to register a course for me to study. Jurong ITE!!! The most notorious school in Singapore. singaporean sonsingaporean sonsingaporean son

In ITE all hell broke loose. There were no rules in the school. We could keep long hair, dye whatever colour we want, we could wear slippers to school, and fight in the canteen with the Dean eating there too. I even took up a CCA glue sniffing and smoking weed. start business to workstart business to workstart business to work

Smoking cigarettes are nothing new to me as I started in secondary school. But still the funny part I still knew when to study. start business to workstart business to workstart business to work

When I was about to take my final year exam I received an advertising letter from MINDEF. I went on to sign on after receiving the letter. At first, I went to an interview for the Air force and was rejected by the medical officer. The reason for rejection I guess was because I was too beng when I went for an interview. Gold shoulder-length hair. 😉 navy😉 navy Then I proceed to look for the Navy to sign on. This time I dyed my hair back to black. I got in!!!

During BMT I got into depression because of the BGR problem. I even knocked my Sergeant. Luckily they understand and never charged me.

After BMT I went to naval school and got to know another GF. Because of her, I turned over a new leaf. I left my gang and stop leisure drugs. We were together for 9 years 3 months. We broke up before I left the service. When I was serving in the Navy there were quite a number of cock-up in my military career by MINDEF. Not going to elaborate more.

Now you all know I was only an ITE grad so my advancement in the Navy definitely would be slower than those Diploma grads. I worked double hard and always volunteered myself. Took up projects, and secondary appointment. My hard work paid off too. I advanced as fast as those Diploma grads. 😉 navy

But the navy still failed me as I was not given the lifetime contract after my 10 years contract ends. Due to cock-up by MINDEF. I was angry with the Navy at that time. But now I finally realised when 1 door shut another door opens. I will not be who I am today if I am still in the Navy.

1 or 2 months before leaving the force I broke up with my 9 yrs GF. I went back to look for my brothers. Don’t worry. I did not go back to the drug. I am already a grown man. Went partying almost every night though.

After leaving the Navy I went into the property and I pulled along my childhood friend (the older brother).

But he was a total disappointment. In the end, even betrayed me. From then I stopped all ties with all the so-called brothers.

1 yr plus doing property (not doing well) came an opportunity to start my own business with my then GF. Everything went smoothly but not earning enough to sustain both of us for our future. So my stress level went up. Always quarrelling with her. Probably because I always think I couldn’t give her a better life. In the end, she broke up with me and left the business.

The GF who left the business was the main important person in the business. I left with no choice I hired someone. But in the end, all profit went to the employee and only left a few hundreds for me. I went to learn the skill of the business main requirement. Halfway learning the skill I broke my wrist and unable to carry on anymore. Till date still unable to hold the tools. So no choice I went looking for a job. The business will be run by my employee.

I started working at a magazine firm to be sales. There was where I met new friends and my Bestie. I resigned after working 1 year at the magazine firm. Not suitable for me. Then I went back looking for what I know best. Engineering.

I started my flying life when I started my engineering job. Started talking to ppl in another country. I was never interested in politics. But conversations with ppl in another country the topics would always link to politics. Don’t know why. 🤣 navy🤣 navy

They always like to talk about their country and my country. They are the one who always started it. From then I started seeing the good of my country and the government. I also started observing whats happening in the country I was working. Not as a tourist point of view anymore but as a traveller point of view. Started talking to strangers in the country I was working in.

Walking into the non-tourists area to see and experience life there.

Ok. Stop talking about politics shit.

The 1st engineering job I went back to the company (SME) cut my experience as I left engineering for 5 years. Monthly basic take-home salary, not even 2k. My last drawn Navy take-home pay was near to 4k. It’s ok. I told myself I could climb back to the last drawn Navy pay.

Forgot to mention my business was still running. 18 months later I resigned and went to another SME. My salary increased by $400. 8 months later I resigned again becos I was hunted by an MNC and of cos, I hated this SME. Literally sucks working environment.

I went to the MNC for an interview and I got in. The monthly gross salary was near to 7k.

But I quit 1 year later. Cause my current wife then GF said I had no time for her. 7k comes with great responsibilities. I literally worked every day and every night ended work at 2 am and sometime overnight. I was also working while on staycation and during reservist.

Now I’m back to my business. Finally, after 12 years of running this business, it is able to sustain my family. Not earning a lot but sustainable to put food on the table and paying loans & bills.

This is my life story to date. The story will carry on till the day I leave this world.

God bless everyone and God bless the world.

By a Singaporean son

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