NTUC Calls Out Errant Practices of Local Security Company

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Egregious, unethical, and indespicable. These are the words fitting of what a local security agency has done to game the Progressive Wage Model (PWM), lower their operating cost, all at the expense of the livelihoods of their workers. The PWM was first mooted by National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) to ensure that our workers, especially those […]

Nicole Seah’s recent post shows her lack of professionalism.

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Recently, Nicole Rebecca Seah Xue Ling (“Nicole Seah”), Kenneth Foo Seck Guan (“Kenneth Foo”), and the Workers’ Party (“WP”) East Coast Team visited the newly renovated hawker centre located at Blk 216 Bedok Food Centre and Market (“216 Hawker Centre”). On December 3, Nicole Seah and Kenneth Foo posted on Facebook regarding their visits to […]

The importance of political stability and why it matters.

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Pakatan Harapan (“HARAPAN”) is known as the Alliance of Hope for Malaysia. In 2015, the Pakatan Rakyat coalition was replaced by the political centre-left alliance HARAPAN, initially led by Dr Mahathir Mohamad (“Dr Mahathir”). HARAPAN’s victory in the Malaysian general election in 2018 overthrew the 60-year-old Barisan Nasional coalition government. Among the activists in Singapore […]

Damaged reputation? A damage reputation is to WP’s advantage

Damaged reputation? A damage reputation is to WP's advantage

Ms Raeesah Khan’s lies in Parliament resulted in her being referred to the Committee of Privileges, and subsequently her resignation from WP which effectively means she is no longer an MP. The Workers’ Party may have suffered a damaged reputation but in terms of political fortunes, they have nothing to fear. In fact, a damaged […]