The importance of political stability and why it matters.

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Pakatan Harapan (“HARAPAN”) is known as the Alliance of Hope for Malaysia. In 2015, the Pakatan Rakyat coalition was replaced by the political centre-left alliance HARAPAN, initially led by Dr Mahathir Mohamad (“Dr Mahathir”). HARAPAN’s victory in the Malaysian general election in 2018 overthrew the 60-year-old Barisan Nasional coalition government. Among the activists in Singapore […]

Damaged reputation? A damage reputation is to WP’s advantage

Damaged reputation? A damage reputation is to WP's advantage

Ms Raeesah Khan’s lies in Parliament resulted in her being referred to the Committee of Privileges, and subsequently her resignation from WP which effectively means she is no longer an MP. The Workers’ Party may have suffered a damaged reputation but in terms of political fortunes, they have nothing to fear. In fact, a damaged […]

Why plastic bag charges are a good thing for Singapore

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Most of us would have experienced this while holidaying in other countries like Japan, Korea and Taiwan – shops charging for plastic bags. Many of us would also have learnt to prep a tote bag while travelling for such cases and instances. So why do Singaporeans still complain when a supermarket chain announces that they […]

Amos Yee and the hypocrisy of the west

Amos Yee and the hypocrisy of the west

In 2015, Singapore’s first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew died. In life, the authoritarian Lee polarised Singaporeans. In death, he united us. Half a million Singaporeans paid their respects as Lee’s body laid in state. They stood in sun and rain, day and night, queueing for days, for one last glimpse of Lee. As his […]

Workers Party is not the party that can lead Singapore

Workers Party is not the party that can lead Singapore

On the Raeesah Khan’s saga, netizen Richard Weng said that WP was in full control of the narrative but they chose not to do anything about it for months. As he pointed out, this incident did not just happen on 1 Nov. “This happened in Aug and more tellingly in early Oct where RK was […]