What’s the journey towards endemicity like? Is the taskforce flip flopping?

What's the journey towards endemicity like? Is the taskforce flip flopping?

What is it like to journey towards endemicity? The problem we have is that despite the many times we have tried to explain, many people still do not understand the meaning of treating the virus as endemic or the process of going towards endemicity. First, treating Covid-19 as endemic means accepting that virus will always […]

The conversation surrounding racism: Meant to divide, or unite?

Thoughts from a minority living in Singapore The feeling I get everytime I open my social media apps: Dread. Why? The never-ending slews of online debates regarding race, people coming forward to talk about their experiences with racism – doesn’t matter if it’s a minority or a majority – it seems like the R word […]

He Ting Ru: Residents should clean up after themselves

He Ting Ru: Residents should clean up after themselves

Hi Admin, Allow me to show a few thoughts with you and I hope you will also publish them. I am a resident of Blk 332C Anchorvale Link. I don’t disagree with Ms He Tingru that residents need to ‘pick up after ourselves. But I think she totally missed the point.  In a Facebook post, […]

Netizen gets schooled after calling the Union of Security Employees (USE) ‘useless’

USE Union of Security Employees

Most keyboard warriors like to comment without knowing facts, thinking that they can get away with their concealed identities. Unfortunately (for him), a netizen Hansen Su, was called out for his baseless comment made in the group, Singapore Security Officers. “Are You Aware?” Without citing reasons, Su called the USE ‘useless’ and accused the union […]

Irresponsible for Jamus to say that crisis speculation is good

crisis speculation

Simply put, it is irresponsible for Jamus to say that crisis speculation is good. What is so “novel” about A/P Jamus Lim’s fiscal policy recommendation in parliament? A/P Jamus proposed for transparency of our reserves and claimed that it could encourage a “stabilising effect” through currency speculation. Having seen the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, I […]

Jamus’ idea to reveal the size of reserves is baffling: reader

Jamus Falls Short of Expectation

I recall the buzz and excitement, at least among my friends and Facebook feed, when Jamus Lim was introduced as WP’s candidate in GE 2020. I’m sure many of us can remember his impressive resume, which included stints in the World Bank and Abu Dhabi’s sovereign wealth fund, as well as qualifications from Harvard and […]

Jamus’ bold suggestion ignores the deterrent effect of criminal records

Jamus' bold suggestion ignores the deterrent effect of Criminal Record Singapore

A Zaobao article by Giam Meng Tuck describes WP Jamus Lim’s proposal to eliminate criminal records of non-violent crimes as naive and lacking in research. Mr Giam also pointed out that while the Opposition often fights for transparency, what the Government tries to do is balancing transparency with what is in the best interest of […]

Sengkang GRC residents unhappy with estate management

Sengkang GRC

More than half a year after the general election in 2020, life is settling back to ‘normal’ amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Sengkang GRC‘s residents are also settling down to a new normal under Workers’ Party. What do residents there have to say? Change of term contractor; 1 to 2 months needed to arrange manpower before […]

Netizens react to PSP’s concerns over use of TraceTogether data to investigate crimes

TraceTogether PSP

In a statement published on its Facebook page, Progress Singapore Party (PSP) expressed concerns over the use of TraceTogether data for police investigations. In the process, they also displayed their ignorance of the TraceTogether Programme. These are the horrible errors in PSP’s statement: “… we are concerned that the TraceTogether apps unnecessarily expose users’ locations […]

What’s the furore over TraceTogether for criminal investigation all about?

PDPA TraceTogether

Some laws override others. For example, if the police require information for their investigation, one cannot cite the PDPA to refuse to provide the information. Can you then say that you were misled by the PDPA? You won’t because common sense prevails. Essentially, Minister of State (Home Affairs) Desmond Tan was describing the scope of […]