Netizen gets schooled after calling the Union of Security Employees (USE) ‘useless’

USE Union of Security Employees

Most keyboard warriors like to comment without knowing facts, thinking that they can get away with their concealed identities.

Unfortunately (for him), a netizen Hansen Su, was called out for his baseless comment made in the group, Singapore Security Officers.

“Are You Aware?”

Without citing reasons, Su called the USE ‘useless’ and accused the union of not being ‘useful’.

Not punny dude, not punny at all

This accusation did not sit well with another netizen who swiftly schooled Su. According to him/her, USE has been putting consistent effort to help security officers over the years.

Netizen's reply for USE

Impressive list, we say.

Let’s explore what this commenter raised…

Raising the wages of security officers

Since the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) came into effect in September 2016, the median basic wage of the security officers has risen.

Su, unfortunately, did not do his due diligence nor checked with our friend, Google, about this.

Having the welfare of security officers at heart

First, to help security officers who are in hardship, the union also has various financial assistance schemes in place to tide them through the storm.

Secondly, in 2018, a mediation service for security officers and their employers to resolve employment-related disputes and workplace grievances was launched by the USE and the Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management (TADM).

The initiative seeks to help security officers and employers mediate and resolve employment-related disputes through trained mediators. Hence, this reduces the need to escalate issues directly to the TADM.

Security officer

Thirdly, the commenter also shared about ads that the union has been placing in ST classifieds.

USE ad

USE ad

We dug a little and found the ads mentioned

These ads call on security officers to share the grievances that they face at work. In addition, the public can whistle blow illegal manpower practices in the security sector.

Casting a spotlight on the abuse faced by security officers

Previously, some cases of abuse of security officers went viral online. Hence, the USE  conducted studies that sought feedback from officers regarding their wages, welfare and work prospects. 

A case of abuse involving a security officer that went viral previously

In March this year, the findings from the survey were released to the public, sparking greater awareness on the issues that security officers face.

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Refrain from making sweeping statements

It is obvious from the string of “Are you aware(s)?” that Su is completely ignorant about USE’s efforts.

Such second-hand embarrassment is a good reminder that keyboard warriors should not shoot their mouths off nor undermine the efforts of others. 


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