Respect and tolerance are the cornerstones of society, not English language proficiency

respect and tolerance are the cornerstones of society not english language proficiency

On February 27th, the Secretary-General of the Workers’ Party, Pritam Singh, proposed in Parliament that English language proficiency be used as a selection criterion for new immigrants. Language, religion, and race are sensitive issues that can touch the nerves of many people, resulting in newspaper comments and public discussions. This proposal has no practical effect […]

Yipeng is polite, gentle and determined, says his aunt

Li Yipeng

Li Yipeng, son of PM Lee Hsien Loong, was born on Oct 7, 1982 with Asperger’s Syndrome confounded by Albinism which means he had no pigment on his skin and eyes, and his vision would be impaired. PM Lee Hsien Loong had phoned his father after Yipeng was born to tell him about the baby’s […]

Alyssa Marie Loo is sole recipient of President’s Scholarship 2020

school, alyssa, marie, loo, li-ann, president's, scholarship, 2020

Recently, the online community has focused heavily on the ruler by which our government measures recipients. A major complaint is the effectiveness of this system for grooming leaders. Elitism An elitist culture is one of the concerns raised in this outcry. The success of our education system has long been lauded. A handful of schools […]

We all wish we could solve the gender pay gap

gender, pay, gap

An overview. Getting rid of the gender pay gap is easier said than done. Pay allocation and promotions vary between companies. An example would be. A common practice in multinational companies is to pay all employees in the same position the same salary, regardless of their work experience. Most companies, however, do not assess pay […]