Labour Day Special: On May Day, others strike, Singapore celebrates

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If you have been following international news, you would have heard of the recent strikes in the UK where tens of thousands of doctors, teachers, civil servants, lecturers, London Underground drivers, and Amazon workers took part in. Or the strike by South Korean truckers estimated to have cost more than $1.6 billion in lost shipments. […]

Less discrimination of ex-offenders in the workplace but more can be done

less discrimination of ex offenders in the workplace but more can be done

Through the findings from three dialogues with ex-offenders and inmates, discrimination at the workplace has lessen but more can be done to cultivate a more inclusive work environment. The dialogue sessions were organised as part of the #EveryWorkersMatters Conversations. National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), together with co-hosts Yellow Ribbon Singapore (YRSG) and Singapore Prison Service […]

NTUC Calls Out Errant Practices of Local Security Company

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Egregious, unethical, and indespicable. These are the words fitting of what a local security agency has done to game the Progressive Wage Model (PWM), lower their operating cost, all at the expense of the livelihoods of their workers. The PWM was first mooted by National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) to ensure that our workers, especially those […]

Is workplace inclusivity for ex-offenders a farce?

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We all know how hard it is to reintegrate back to work worrying about childcare duties after that maternity leave or lacking the relevant work skills after taking that gap year. But have you wondered about the anxieties and uncertainties ex-offenders feel when reintegrating back into society and the workforce? At a focus group session […]

Without active strikes in Singapore, are unions still relevant today?

Ng Chee Meng Perspectives

Traditionally, unions are known to organise strikes to fight for better pay, better welfare, and better work prospects for workers. But with the number of strikes in Singapore today being close to zero, why do we still need unions? At the Institute of Policy Studies’ (IPS) flagship Singapore Perspectives 2023 conference on 9 January, labour chief […]

It is no surprise that Mr Ng Chee Meng is co-opted into the PAP CEC. Here is why. it is no surprise that mr ng chee meng is co opted into the pap cec here is why it is no surprise that mr ng chee meng is co opted into the pap cec here is why

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. National Trades Union Congress Secretary-General (NTUC Sec-Gen) Ng Chee Meng is not a Minister of Parliament but is co-opted into the 37th People’s Association Party’s Central Elective Committee (PAP CEC) on Saturday, 26 November 2022. Is this possible? Yes, let me explain why. PAP and NTUC have a Symbiotic […]