The Online Citizen strikes again – spreading falsehood about Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong!

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Recently, the National Trades Union Congress held its annual May Day Rally to celebrate workers in Singapore.

Present at the event were union leaders and political office holders – the likes of Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. 

DPM Wong gave a speech at May Day Rally 2023, addressing the excellent work of the Labour Movement, the importance of tripartism in our society and a few other prevalent issues faced by the working people, namely cost of living and housing concerns. 

Malicious rumours spread by The Online Citizen alleged that DPM Wong failed to address important and pertinent issues faced by workers.

While addressing these issues in his speech, it seems that some people like to misconstrue and spread malicious rumours about DPM Wong’s speech.

In a recent article written by The Online Citizen – the writer mentioned that DPM failed to address the following issues

Is this right? No, it’s FAKE NEWS! 

Contrary to what TOC says about DPM speech

✅  DPM didn’t say that it’s all sunshine and roses. He emphasised that we’re living in an increasingly dangerous and troubled world. The issue of polarisation, wars and strikes in countries worldwide have been discussed greatly in parliament and, of course, May Day Rally.

DPM Wong also emphasised how the Government has done many things to offset the impact of inflation on our workers.

Consider the latest Budget 2023 Announcements, eg the Permanent GST Voucher Scheme, U-Save Vouchers, and CDC Vouchers. View this link’s full list of schemes to help Singaporeans combat the cost of living

Housing issues were also spoken about at length! He emphasised that the Government is ramping up the completion of BTO flats. He also explained during the rally that current BTO flats are still affordable as prices rise in tandem with wage growth. Also, various housing grants are in place to support those from lower-income households!

HDB Grants
HDB Grants

TOC’s information is filled with gaps and ill-intent. What is the purpose of spreading such malicious rumours about our Deputy Prime Minister who wanted to reaffirm support for workers at a significant event like the May Day Rally? 

Instead of looking at the bigger picture, TOC seems to take an unobjective stance on the ruling party – do they not benefit from all the Budget measures to tackle the cost of living, or do they not use grants when purchasing their BTOs

TOC should be shut down completely. There’s a reason why the owners are facing criminal charges – they don’t practice responsibility or fact-checking before publishing such articles. 


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