Respect and tolerance are the cornerstones of society, not English language proficiency

respect and tolerance are the cornerstones of society not english language proficiency

On February 27th, the Secretary-General of the Workers’ Party, Pritam Singh, proposed in Parliament that English language proficiency be used as a selection criterion for new immigrants. Language, religion, and race are sensitive issues that can touch the nerves of many people, resulting in newspaper comments and public discussions. This proposal has no practical effect […]

Less discrimination of ex-offenders in the workplace but more can be done

less discrimination of ex offenders in the workplace but more can be done

Through the findings from three dialogues with ex-offenders and inmates, discrimination at the workplace has lessen but more can be done to cultivate a more inclusive work environment. The dialogue sessions were organised as part of the #EveryWorkersMatters Conversations. National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), together with co-hosts Yellow Ribbon Singapore (YRSG) and Singapore Prison Service […]

Fresh Start Housing Scheme: a home to call their own

fresh start housing scheme a home to call their own

After 8 years living in a rental flat, Madam Zaidah Ismail, 57, finally has a place to call her own – a flat with a flexi lease agreement. Life after her divorce was tough. Mdm Zaidah had to contend with breast cancer while putting in long hours as a security guard. She jumped at the […]