He Ting Ru: Residents should clean up after themselves

He Ting Ru: Residents should clean up after themselves

Hi Admin,

Allow me to show a few thoughts with you and I hope you will also publish them. I am a resident of Blk 332C Anchorvale Link.

I don’t disagree with Ms He Tingru that residents need to ‘pick up after ourselves. But I think she totally missed the point.  In a Facebook post, she responded to residents’ outcry and I quote what she said:

“…. our cleaners are doing its best to upkeep the estate, but it’s also up to us to ensure we pick up after ourselves and don’t see it as someone else’s job.”

She also posted this photo to accompany her Facebook post:

Why do I say she has totally missed our point?

She totally missed the point because we are not complaining about littering. What we are complaining about is RUBBISH UNCOLLECTED FOR DAYS.

While we can do our part and dispose of rubbish in the proper places, there are things beyond our control. Examples: overflowing bins because the bins have not been emptied for days. Or bulky furniture. We can call the town council or carry the bulky furniture to the ground floor ourselves, but the furniture remains there for days and days. Like this discarded sofa at my block.

It was there for more than a week and only got removed after social media outcry from many residents. If there was no outcry, would it have been removed ‘so fast’?

Large articles of furniture, cardboard boxes, and many more have been left around the various void decks for days and even weeks at a time. Of course, it is important that we dispose of larger items in specified areas lah.  But when these areas are in full capacity, residents have no choice but to dump their items in other parts of the estate.

Overflowing bins create other problems like pest and cockroaches especially when the rubbish includes unfinished or discarded food. Since we are still in this covid pandemic, hygiene is important, right?

So I’m very disappointed that MP He Tingru tried to push the blame to residents. We pay S&CC fees just like anyone else. Is it too much to expect that rubbish is cleared at least once a day instead of being left to collect for weeks?

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