Should Buy Now, Pay Later scheme be allowed for Migrant Domestic Workers?

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Responding to a Parliamentary Question (“PQ”) on the Buy Now, Pay Later (“BNPL”) scheme Filed by MP Mr Desmond Choo on 5 April 2022. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) assessed that the BNPL scheme does not pose any significant risks of consumer indebtedness and will continue to monitor the situation. However, mobile phone retailers […]

A Singaporean reflects on the lessons learned from the pandemic

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Singapore’s preparation has already started quite awhile ago, and it will continue to be improved until we face the next crisis. Singapore was among the first to have approved vaccines delivered to us. Working like clockwork, our leaders and front-liners, including doctors, nurses and grassroots volunteers were able to help Singapore achieve one of the […]

A tale of 2 countries. Can Singapore end up like Sri Lanka?

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The late Mr Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) once described Sri Lanka as “a better city than Singapore”, and it has “a thick layer of educated talent” and “sterling reserves”. Tragically, Sri Lanka has been wasting away and badly wrecked, with dwindling supply of life-saving drugs and household essentials, civil unrest, and outstanding default on domestic […]

The episode surrounding Raeesah Khan’s lie has evolved into a Taiwanese drama

The episode surrounding Raeesah Khan’s lie has evolved into a Taiwanese drama

I had prevented myself from commenting about the hearing at the Committee of Privileges as it was, like the Honorable Leader of the Opposition said, to be finally resolved within the Parliament. However, as the various people presented their evidence to the committee, the whole episode surrounding Raeesah Khan’s lie has evolved into a Taiwanese […]

Open safely by protecting the unvaccinated people

Open safely by protecting the unvaccinated people

The recent COVID-19 measures make sense. The MTF should have enacted this once they declared Singapore’s pandemic to endemic transition. However, the complaints I have seen online highlight the short-sightedness of some Singaporeans. It is very worrisome to see the growing support for individuals like Brad Bowyer who continue to share anti-vax messages on Telegram […]

The conversation surrounding racism: Meant to divide, or unite?

Thoughts from a minority living in Singapore The feeling I get everytime I open my social media apps: Dread. Why? The never-ending slews of online debates regarding race, people coming forward to talk about their experiences with racism – doesn’t matter if it’s a minority or a majority – it seems like the R word […]