Workers Party is not the party that can lead Singapore

Workers Party is not the party that can lead Singapore

On the Raeesah Khan’s saga, netizen Richard Weng said that WP was in full control of the narrative but they chose not to do anything about it for months.

As he pointed out, this incident did not just happen on 1 Nov.

“This happened in Aug and more tellingly in early Oct where RK was questioned again by Min Shan on the case and she refused to give any info,” Richard said in a Facebook post.

“By early Oct after that parliamentary session, people already sensed something was amiss and kept asking WP to investigate and do something. However, WP chose not to do anything and none of the WP MPs mentioned anything about the case as if nothing happened including the Loo, ” observed Richard .

“WP just wanted to ignore it by not talking about it and hoped that it would blow over.”

Things didn’t happen as WP hoped though.

Richard said, “However, the voices became stronger and stronger and for 1 full month, no one in WP came out to make any statements about the behaviour of RK of not revealing any info and why she was not cooperating with the police. Zero. Zilch. Nothing.

“Only after 1 month when the voices got stronger and stronger, RK and WP decided that there was no further hiding and decided to apologise in parliament,” he added.

Richard noted that LOO’s immediate response after Raeesah’s apology was to say that ‘it was the correct thing (for Raeesah) to do’.

“Even up till yesterday on 1 Nov, WP still didn’t want to take any action as they thought that an apology would appease everyone,” said Richard.

“It was only after more unhappiness on the ground did WP decided on the next day afternoon on 2 Nov, to say that a disciplinary panel will be held on RK’s conduct,” he noted.

“Every step of the way, WP’s leadership was unwilling to do anything. You mean for the last 1 month, WP leadership did not even bother to talk to RK to find out what happened and why she didn’t want to cooperate with the police? If the WP leadership didn’t even ask, then WP leadership had failed miserably because RK made a serious allegation against the police but yet WP leadership chose to do nothing.

If the WP had spoken to RK about the case but yet, chose not to do anything, hoping that the incident will just blow over rather than own up much earlier, then WP leadership are also acting in bad faith and shows a total lack of credibility,” said Richard.

“It was only when the voices became so loud that both WP and RK know that there is no further hiding, hence RK had no choice but to apologise in parliament.

And by this time, even if WP leadership didn’t take any earlier action, the least they should have done is to immediately raise a disciplinary panel by evening of 1 Nov on the same day when RK admitted to telling lies.

There is no reason why WP wanted to drag further but WP leadership wanted to gauge the ground sentiment on whether an apology would be sufficient or good enough to quell the unhappiness.

Unfortunately, the noise got even louder and by now, WP leadership knew that they have to do something as people are associating the lack of inaction by WP as a sign of weakness. Hence, WP leadership finally only came out to talk on the disciplinary panel the next day afternoon on 2 Nov.

Every single action along the way showed that WP had no intention of raising the issue in the first place and just wanted the issue to blow away.

This is why people are utterly critical on WP that they are a party that condones such bad behaviour and is a party that totally lacks integrity and credibility.

It is naive to still think that WP did not and could not do anything before yesterday. In fact, they chose a game plan that showed their lack of credibility and integrity until the noise became too big and backfired upon them.

This is why WP is really a party that cannot lead Singapore.”

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