WP He Tingru did not provide full facts on elderly patient needing help with medical bills

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We have noticed that each time WP provides an anecdote in Parliament, details are lacking. The government has had to ask for more details, and upon investigation, found the actual story to be different.
Why do they not provide the full facts in the first instance?
Ms He said she brought up the anecdote to make the point that residents having to “jump through many hoops” and feeling “humiliated going through the process”.
Medical social workers exist to help people, in the same way that a social service officer exists to help people. To view the process one has to go through as ‘humiliating’ is an attitude of mind that Ms He should have sought to change amongst her residents so that they will not hesitate to seek help,. Instead, she chose to affirm the attitude. 
The process exists to assess needs and how best to meet those needs. Ms He should seek to understand the process instead of seeing an opportunity to paint the government as uncaring of seniors – which is far from the truth.
Many policies are centred on seniors. The Pioneer and Merdeka Generation Packages. Even the GST hike is to ensure affordable healthcare for all – including seniors. Perhaps it’s time for WP to rally support for this hike to show their concern for seniors.

As the facts stand, the patient was never asked to reduce the dosage of his medication. He was in fact referred by his doctor to a medical social worker. However, he did not follow up with the social worker. 

Had he gone to see the medical social worker, he would have received the 62.5% subsidies on his medication much earlier. 

Here’s another instance where the Chairman of WP Sylvia Lim raised an anecdote in Parliament that was inaccurate. The anecdote was repeated later on in Parliament by Leader of the Opposition Pritam Singh during a debate on the Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP)

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