Unvaccinated to pay for treatment. Median bill for hospital stay including ICU is around $25,000 before subsidies.

Unvaccinated to pay for treatment. Median bill for hospital stay including ICU is around $25,000 before subsidies.

If you are infected with Covid-19 and end up in the intensive care unit (ICU), you could be looking at a bill of around $25,000 if you are unvaccinated by choice.

This, of course, is before subsidies.

With means-testing, government subsidies, and Medishield Life coverage, the actual amount to be footed will come down significantly to around $2000 to $4000 in a subsidised ward for eligible Singaporeans.

You can tap on your MediSave balance to help fund this remaining amount.

This will take effect on December 8 and applies to people who are eligible for vaccination but choose not to be vaccinated. It does not apply to people who are medically ineligible for vaccination.

According to MOH, the $25,000 is the median acute hospital bill size for those who require both ICU care and Covid-19 therapeutics.

The cost of treatment, if you are sent to a Covid-19 Treatment Facility is expected to be around $4,500 for a seven-day stay.

“For Singapore Citizens, after subsidies and MediShield Life where applicable, the co-payment is around $1,000.”

The actual size of the bill will vary from person to person as it depends on the severity of the person’s illness and the type of care rendered.

For those who are partially vaccinated, they will have their medical bills paid for by the Government until Dec 31. This is to give them time to complete their regime after which, if they are not fully vaccinated, they will also have to foot their own medical bill should they get infected with Covid-19.

There are also Community Isolation Facility (CIF) here. Currently, travellers and Short-Term Visit Pass holders are charged for CIF stays.

“At the moment, unvaccinated persons who are Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents, and Long-Term Pass holders and have not travelled in last 14 days are not charged for CIF stays, should a CIF stay be required, “said the MOH spokesperson.

Currently, the number of unvaccinated people who become severely sick is disproportionately large. The new measure requiring the unvaccinated to foot their own medical bill is yet another push to get this small group of people to vaccinate themselves not just for their own protection but also because they continue to be a big strain on hospital resources.

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