Speaker Tan CJ dismisses false narrative by PSP Leong Mun Wai and Lee Hsien Yang; criminal justice system to be given full hearing in Parliament

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The false narrative spinners think that due process should be thrown out of the window in favour of popularity. Talk about justice. When due process can be changed according to one's whim and fancy, where is the rule of law? And if there is no rule of law, where will justice be?

Five MPs. Five Adjournment Motions filed.

But there can be only one Adjournment Motion per sitting.

If more than 1 MP has filed an Adjournment Motion, then the Adjournment Motion will be decided by ballot.

Those that aren’t chosen can be resubmitted for the next ballot for the next sitting.

The five Adjournment Motions

These are the 5 Adjournment Motions filed by 5 MPs:

  • Denise Phua – Towards full participation of persons with disabilities in Singapore
  • Sylvia Lim – Justice for all: Enhancing equity in the criminal justice system
  • Carrie Tan – Increasing for the sustenance of livelihoods amongst performing arts
  • Wan Rizal – Eradicating mental health stigmatisation
  • Louis Ng – Protection against secondhand smoke in our homes

Ballot witnessed by Sylvia Lim

Tan Chuan-jin on false narrative due process

Louis Ng and Sylvia Lim were present to witness the ballot.

As it turned out, the lot went to Louis Ng who was the happy man.

The ballot is fair and followed due process. If you have any doubt about the fairness of the ballot, ask Sylvia Lim. She was present.

Enter the false narrative spinners


Disrespectful to run down issues others want to speak on

Speaker Tan Chuan Jin expressed surprise that ‘some folks choose to spin a false narrative about this process’.

The MPs who had filed their Adjournment Motions are passionate about the issues they wanted to speak on.

“It is disrespectful to run down the issues that others are speaking on,” Mr Tan said.

“It is disrespectful to the Singaporeans whose lives are impacted by the issues being proposed,” he added.

Hear! Hear!

It does not mean that because Sylvia Lim’s motion was not picked in the ballot, it will not be picked again. She can resubmit it to be balloted for the next sitting.

Criminal justice system to be given a full hearing in Parliament

Mr Tan asked: “But more critically, how on earth is this the be-all and end-all?

That Sylvia Lim’s motion was not picked on the ballot does not mean that the criminal justice system would not be addressed in Parliament.

The issue, in fact, would be given a full hearing in Parliament and more time spent on it than via an Adjournment Motion.

Questions have been filed by MPs. Law Minister K Shanmugam would be addressing the issue fully in a Ministerial Statement which would include a full and substantive series of clarifications.

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You do not change processes at anyone’s whim and fancy

There is a due process. You do not change processes at anyone’s whim and fancy, and just because some of you want only your outcome because you believe it to be right, Mr Tan said.

In spinning their false narrative, and Lee Hsien Yang are essentially calling for the suspension of due process in favour of popularity. If the due process can be suspended according to one’s whim and fancy, then where is rule of law and justice that Leong talked about?

Netizens react to

Don’t be stupid. It’s a ballot. No one gets any special privilege for being the opposition.

false narrative


Speak up only to score brownie points?


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