In defence of teachers: let’s acknowledge their dedication to encourage them

Teacher Dedication To be Acknowledged and not Dismissed by Jamus Lim or Replaced by Shadow Education

I was shocked to hear A/P Jamus Lim belittle the hard work and dedication of teachers in Parliament. He attributed the success of our students to the ‘supplementary education’ (tuition) they received and implied that our teachers and education system has failed our students. I write in defence and support of our teachers, the vast […]

Irresponsible for Jamus to say that crisis speculation is good

crisis speculation

Simply put, it is irresponsible for Jamus to say that crisis speculation is good. What is so “novel” about A/P Jamus Lim’s fiscal policy recommendation in parliament? A/P Jamus proposed for transparency of our reserves and claimed that it could encourage a “stabilising effect” through currency speculation. Having seen the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, I […]

Jamus’ idea to reveal the size of reserves is baffling: reader

Jamus Falls Short of Expectation

I recall the buzz and excitement, at least among my friends and Facebook feed, when Jamus Lim was introduced as WP’s candidate in GE 2020. I’m sure many of us can remember his impressive resume, which included stints in the World Bank and Abu Dhabi’s sovereign wealth fund, as well as qualifications from Harvard and […]

Jamus Lim disappoints with his economic policies

Jamus Jerome Lim

Dear Singapore Matters, Since I moved to Sengkang only in July, I did not vote in Sengkang. Still, I was happy to keep an open mind and to give the elected WP MPs a chance. In particular, I had looked forward to hear some good alternatives from them as they had promised. After the election, […]

Who’s to say hawkers can’t find purpose and fulfillment in their trade?

Who's to say

Recently, there’re criticism against grooming the next generation of hawkers. If the pandemic has taught us anything, food production and security is one of the most basic and important essentials that our country should not only preserve but we should also continue to enhance it because it contributes to our well being as well as […]

What’s the furore over TraceTogether for criminal investigation all about?

PDPA TraceTogether

Some laws override others. For example, if the police require information for their investigation, one cannot cite the PDPA to refuse to provide the information. Can you then say that you were misled by the PDPA? You won’t because common sense prevails. Essentially, Minister of State (Home Affairs) Desmond Tan was describing the scope of […]

2020 and the relevance of the opposition to Singapore’s survival

opposition parties

2020 is the year where we have been tested as a people and as a country. It’s the year where every system in the country was put to the test, stressed and stretched. In a crisis of unprecedented proportion, where both our health and our economic survival were threatened, 2020 has shown how irrelevant the […]

Will the real Lee Hsien Yang please stand up?

Lee Hsien Yang

In 2017, two years after the death of Lee Kuan Yew, “Oxley” became a household lexicon that was linked with “shame” and “deceit”. A scandalous family feud, not just of any family but of the prominent Lee family, erupted and caused a furore. Fast forward three years to 2020, now Singaporeans just want it to […]

Mother fears special needs son will lose job with minimum wage

minimum wage special needs disabilities persons

Persons with disabilities¹ are not a homogenous group of people. There are people with disabilities whose productivity level will be low and they work under supervision as well. Work is encouraged as it gives a sense of independence and dignity, and a meaningful way to spend time, a social engagement as well which is good […]