2020 and the relevance of the opposition to Singapore’s survival

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2020 is the year where we have been tested as a people and as a country. It’s the year where every system in the country was put to the test, stressed and stretched.

In a crisis of unprecedented proportion, where both our health and our economic survival were threatened, 2020 has shown how irrelevant the opposition is when our survival is at stake.

They have nothing to offer, absolutely nothing. It is strikingly clear that if none of the opposition parties exists, it would not matter in this crisis because their non-existence would not even be noticed. Or missed. 

As if that was not bad enough, WP tried to take credit for the initiative launched by Google in partnership with EDB that created 3000 opportunities for Singaporeans when their Chief Pritam Singh published a Facebook post about this initiative without acknowledging Google’s partnership with EDB, IMDA and SkillsFuture Singapore

In good times, they do what they do best: poking here and there, looking for issues to stir controversies that will help them win votes.

Now, they are just waiting in the wings, biding their time, hoping for some opportunities to arise that would allow them to jump in to attack the handling of the pandemic. In Singapore’s interests? Nah! To win votes.

Opposition’s silence

It is worthwhile to note that they did not celebrate the announcement or arrival of vaccines. Nor did they cheer at  the news of our hawker culture being listed as a UN cultural heritage. It’s as if such news are of no interest to them.

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Thankful for Good Government

Meanwhile, vaccination has begun in Singapore with healthcare and frontline workers prioritised for first vaccinations. The Government has also announced that at any one time, 5% of vaccine stocks will be reserved for workers in critical work such as those involved in Singapore’s water and utilities so that in an epidemic, Singapore can continue to function. This reflects meticulous thinking and planning.

When PM Lee announced that vaccines would arrived before the end of December, he also said that he and his Cabinet would be vaccinated early to demonstrate that they have confidence in the vaccine.

Meanwhile, some opposition supporters are playing their political games in a time like this asking why the ministers are not the first to be vaccinated.

As for me, I am thankful for good Government,



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