What’s the furore over TraceTogether for criminal investigation all about?

PDPA TraceTogether

Some laws override others. For example, if the police require information for their investigation, one cannot cite the PDPA to refuse to provide the information.

Can you then say that you were misled by the PDPA? You won’t because common sense prevails.

Essentially, Minister of State (Home Affairs) Desmond Tan was describing the scope of the law for a police investigation. He wasn’t saying something new.

What he said does not contradict what Dr Vivian said.

Dr Vivian tells you what the TraceTogether is for and it’s scope for the government. Desmond tells you the scope of the law for a police investigation.

It should be obvious to all and no explanation needed that one’s privacy is respected until laws are broken. When a crime is committed, criminal laws take over.

As an example, banks promise to keep all your information confidential. But if police suspect some crime involving the movement of money, they can require a bank to monitor an account for a period of time and provide police with information, and banks will have to comply.

Do you then cry that the bank cannot be trusted?

What was left unsaid by Dr Vivian was what happens when a crime is committed.

When a crime is committed, criminal laws take over and police are empowered to gather information. They can search your house, they can confiscate items, they take your phones and see all your activities and your contacts, and you can’t say PDPA. They can confiscate any items relevant to their investigation. So they can confiscate your token.

The TraceTogether Token is an alternative to the TraceTogether mobile apps. Both TraceTogether token and apps don’t track people, as it does not use GPS. The TraceTogether token does not have GPS function.

It only detects nearby Bluetooth devices, so it knows your neighbouring device but not location.

Now if you use SafeEntry, where you had been, is traced. But no one is complaining much about SafeEntry, so using TraceTogether as an alternative to scanning QR code does not add anything.

If police cannot solve a crime, you say ‘lousy police’.

Why do you have a problem with the police doing a criminal investigation?

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