How can anyone survive on less than $1300 a month?

minimum wage

The simple and straight answer is: you can’t. Not even if you earn the minimum of $1300 if you have a family to look after.

$1300 is too low to be of much help in lifting a low-income family.

This is why the Workers’ Party’s call for a national minimum wage of $1300 is more a political cry than a genuine attempt to uplift workers. It is set at a level that avoids a big reaction from the business community while at the same time, portrays the WP as a party that cares. 

Is it true that all jobs offered in Singapore are not good jobs?


Singaporeans often complain that there are no good jobs for them, even though the Govt frequently pledges to create and match Singaporeans to jobs. However, is this claim true? According to MOM’s jobs situation report released last Wednesday, out of the 117,500 openings available in end-August, 85,330 were for PMET roles. Recently, it was announced […]

Pritam Singh calls for universal minimum wage; netizens react

Pritam Singh minimum wage

A whole lot of loaded statements meant to tug at your heartstrings but offer no real, practical solution to lift the wages of the low-income group.

Uplifting the low wage worker is a complicated matter and it is done through a holistic approach that is more than just about a minimum wage.

It includes skills acquisition, homeownership and access to quality healthcare and education.

Minimum wage is politics. Progress Wage Model is practical solution

Progressive Wage Model Minimum Wage Plus

A compassionate approach to helping low wage worker requires more than just a call for a minimum wage. It requires hard work to ensure the wage is sustainable, and more hard work to ensure an upward path for the worker. Many workers under the PWM is already earning more than the $1300 min that WP calls for. More than 78,000 workers have benefitted from the PWM. With the inclusion of the Lift and Escalator Industry, the PWM would

You know they don’t care for workers when they attack an effective union


Be careful with sites like TOC, which plagiarize, hire foreign ghost writers to attack foreign workers and immigration policies, and manipulate Singaporeans’ emotions to write articles for eyeballs. Ragebait headlines or hyperpartisan appeals that twist the facts are designed to  get traffic from people’s anger.

Providing care and support to workers in COVID-19 time

NTUC Job Security Council

The strong tripartite relationship between unions, employers and government is what sees Singapore through each crisis.

A weak labour movement cannot represent workers properly. It cannot get a fair deal from employers, cannot protect workers. What is bad for workers is bad for Singapore.

On the other hand, a strong labour movement but hostile, antagonistic and focused only on short-term interests of their members will hold back the country, and eventually, workers will get hurt.

A strong labour movement with strong support from workers, with a seat at the table, working closely and constructively with the government and employers working constructively to get the best deal for workers and find win-win solutions to all and advance national interests.

For Aviation Workers, 2020 May Just Be The Worst Year

Aviation workers

Warren Buffett has dumped his entire stake in airlines. Of the pandemic’s blow to air travel, the successful investor said that there was no joy in managing those companies right now. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has released its financial outlook for the global air transport industry in 2020. The bad news? Airlines are […]