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Jamus unashamedly claims credit for Progressive Wage Model; netizens react

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The Progressive Wage Model has been in Singapore for much longer than Jamus’ return from overseas.

First introduced in 2012, the Progressive Wage Model incorporates a minimum wage feature in it.

But unlike the minimum wage model, it has steps for progression for workers to earn more through training and skills upgrading.

Jamus Jerome Lim only came back to Singapore in 2018 after studying and working overseas for more than 15 years.

February 2020

In February this year, during the Committee of Supply debate, then Minister of State for Manpower Zaqy Mohamad announced plans to expand the model to other sectors.

“We will not stop at these four clusters, and intend to expand the PWM to more sectors,” Minister Zaqy affirmed in February.

The new approach was to create a virtuous cycle where companies that voluntarily pay progressive wages and provide job progression pathways to their lower-wage workers will be recognised with the Progressive Wages Model Mark.

Minimum Wage Plus

For the uninformed, Minimum Wage Plus is another name for the Progressive Wage Model.


Because it is a minimum wage PLUS steps of progression to earn more through enhanced and skills training and upgrading.

Enters Jamus Jerome Lim

Progress has been made as union leaders and employers work hard together to come to an agreement on a sustainable minimum wage for their sector, a level that companies especially SMEs are able to absorb and to determine the wages for progression up the ladder.

Since 2012, the model has been marching forward.

Then came Jamus Lim who made a maiden speech on minimum wage, heard ‘Minimum Wage Plus’ for the first time, went home to declare there was a policy shift in the landscape, pats himself on his back and takes credit for ‘change’.

To borrow SM Tharman’s word, “That’s frankly laughable.”

What netizens say of Jamus

Looks and speaks like Amos Yee

Just a showman

An empty vessel

Number 1 at taking credit


Failed to meet expectations





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