PWM for waste management to take effect in July 2023. Wages to grow by 48% over a 6-year period.

PWM for waste management to take effect in July 2023. Wages to grow by 48% over a 6-year period.

Yet another Progressive Wage Model to add to the bag of PWMs. This time, it is the PWM for the Waste Management Industry.

The Government has just accepted the recommendation of the Tripartite Cluster for Waste Management. The covers the the Waste Collection and Material sub-sectors of the Waste Management Industry.

6-year schedule of sustained wage increases

Apart from clear progression pathways for these 2 sub-sectors, the PWM sets out a six-year schedule of sustained wage increases from 2023 to 2028 with the initial wage level taking effect from 1 July 2023. A mid-term review of the wage schedule will be undertaken in 2025.

to grow by 48% over the 6-year period!

Here’s the good news for someone working in the waste collection or material sub-sector, or looking for a in these sectors. The will see the monthly baseline wage of an entry-level waste collection crew worker rise to $3,260 in July 2028, from $2,210 in July 2023. That’s an increase of $1,050, or a growth rate of 48% over the 6-year period!

Waste management PWM
Waste management PWM

Mandatory bonus

In addition to the sustained wage increases, eligible workers can also expect a mandatory annual bonus from January 2024. This will enable employers to better attract and retain waste management workers, and complement their efforts to invest in their workers’ training to enhance productivity. The quantum of the bonus is to be no less than one month of the worker’s prevailing basic monthly wage and that it is not to be tied to the worker’s performance.

Hello consumers! What about you?

The COVID-19 pandemic had caused unprecedented challenges to many industries. Yet, waste management workers continue to perform their duties in the frontline despite more stringent precautionary measures and increased service demands. As end consumers, it is time we better recognise the value of our waste management workforce and accord them the due recognition that they deserve.

With the impending wage schedule taking effect in 2023, we must be prepared to bear some cost increase, so that together with all stakeholders, we can build a fairer and more cohesive society.

As Mr Fahmi Aliman, chairman of the TCWM said, “Waste management is a critical and essential service. Our waste management workers put in very hard work to keep our environment clean, and the work that they do is undoubtedly very tough.”


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