TraceTogether compulsory at public venues by end December. Netizens complain, netizens explain.

TraceTogether MOH Contact Tracing

Come end of December, it will be mandatory to check in with the TraceTogether app or token to gain entry to all public places including restaurants, workplaces, schools and shopping malls.

The other options of SafeEntry by scanning the SafeEntry QR code with your phone or SingPass mobile app, or scanning the barcodes of your NRIC will no longer be available.

A chorus of grumblings greet the announcement and helpful netizens explain why TraceTogether is better.

Contact tracing is key to lifting restrictions. Help ourselves.

contact tracing

The difference between SafeEntry and TraceTogether.

safe entry tracetogether

It’s more precise.

TraceTogether vs SafeEntry

It’s convenient.

contact tracing

Don’t you want to be notified if you came close to a COVID-19 positive?

John Tan

Stop whining. Get on with it. It’s long overdue. Learn from the COVID explosion elsewhere after lull periods.

moh contact tracing

It’s about our livelihood. Play your part. Don’t take things for granted.

moh contact tracing

Some are just thick in their skulls.


Love to complain without understanding.

Hanrik Tan

Don’t like it? Just stay at home.

Kan Goh

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What is a TraceTogether Token?

It’s to help speed up contact tracing. It will function in the same way the TraceTogether App does: by using Bluetooth signals to record other nearby TraceTogether devices.

Upon collection, the Token will be activated and registered in the user’s name, and no further action is required from the user.

You must bring your token with you wherever you go.

Information captured by TraceTogether token

Like the App, the Token only captures proximity data via Bluetooth technology.  It does not capture GPS or geolocation data. The token does not have an internet or cellular connectivity. The encrypted data is kept on the device until the user consents to share it with MOH for contact tracing.


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