Should land for public housing in Singapore be priced at a nominal rate?

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You’ve heard this before: that land for HDB flats should be priced lower, even at a nominal fee of $1 because it is land for public housing. After all, land assets, as part of the reserves, belong to the people.  The problem with this line of reasoning is that public housing in Singapore has taken […]

Singapore’s Food Delivery Riders: Who’s Fighting for Them, Really?

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When Circuit Breaker kicked in on 7 April 2020, the rules were fairly straightforward with regard to dining in: we couldn’t dine in. Everything from fine-dining restaurants and hawker centres to cafes and bubble tea stores were strictly limited to deliveries and takeaways only. While this posed at least some inconvenience for everyday Singaporeans like […]

TRSAF A330 MRTT Deployed to Assist US Evacuation Operations

The United States (US) Government has accepted Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s offer of assistance in the evacuation of Afghanistan evacuees, Mindef said in a press release. During the recent visit by the US Vice President Kamala Harris to Singapore, PM Lee had made the offer to her. The Vice President had thanked PM Lee […]

Jamus Lim in review on year on: tracing his journey from GE2020

Jamus Lim A Year Review

GE2020 saw the Workers’ Party pull another upset on the PAP by winning another GRC, a newly created GRC at that. Jamus Lim with his impressive credentials and accented English, is believed to be the main reason for WP’s win in Sengkang GRC. More than one year on, we look at the impressions Jamus Lim […]

Tough love needed to maintain upward trajectory

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National Day Message of Mr Lee Kuan Yew Speaking off the cuff, Mr Lee Kuan Yew said in his National Day Message in 1971, “I am not here tonight to preach blood, sweat and tears or talk about the apocalypse. You have done well, six superb years, a magnificent performance against all the odds, so […]