Resident in Sengkang hurt her shoulder when the elevator suddenly rose to the top floor

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A resident's shoulder was injured...

An elevator at Sengkang failed and suddenly rose to the top floor, which caused an injury to a female resident during the ride, and it was suspended for three months by the Workers’ Party-run Sengkang Town Council.

According to Mr Chua, a resident at Block 158D Rivervale Crescent, the elevator (A) has been out of service since August.

Since there is now only one elevator available, residents had to wait a long time to use the elevator, especially during peak hours.

elevator, block, council, 158D
Photo of Elevator at Block 158D Rivervale Crescent (Photo Credit: Shin Min/Zaobao)

Further, he said, it is an 18-story HDB with six units per floor, and he was concerned that the elevator would not be able to handle the load. 

Mr Ling Weihong, the PAP’s representative, posted an Instagram story on 11 October to share about his own experience of getting stuck in an elevator in Block 287A on 18 September.

During his block visit to Block 158D on 10 October, many residents shared that the lifts broke down in late August. The Town Council had posted an announcement stating that all repairs would be completed by the end of September.

However, the announcement was later replaced with an identical note changing the completion date to the end of October.

Two days after Mr Ling’s social media post, the Sengkang Town Council, run by the Workers’ Party, put up another notice. 

In the notice, the Town Council wrote that “due to the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) approval only received on 26 September 2022, there will be a delay in restoring Lift (A) for Block 158D Rivervale Crescent.”

BCA gives details of events...

In their interview with Shin Min Daily, BCA said they were notified on August 24 about the incident in elevator A of HDB Block 158D Rivervale Crescent. 

A Professional Engineer must be appointed by the Town Council to investigate the accident in detail and propose appropriate measures.

The Professional Engineer submitted a preliminary investigation report on September 23 and found that the cause of the accident was due to the malfunction of the brake.

The BCA spokesman pointed out that the authority did not receive the final investigation report until October 20.

For the sake of public safety, the BCA will have to review the report. This will ensure that the investigation and restoration work carried out meets the standards set by the authority.

Meanwhile, the date of completion for repair has again been pushed back by the Workers’ Party-run Sengkang Town Council to the middle of November due to claims of delays in parts transportation.

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