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"Parliament is not a forum for reading out speeches with an intent of putting it out in social media eventually. We need to engage on issues," Law Minister Shanmugam said. In so far as the points he raised in Parliament were concerned, the WP has not engaged them.

Why do we continue to be colonised in our minds that there is the only way of doing things properly, Mr Shanmugam asked. There is such thing called political will and political courage and a recognition that judicial process will not be appropriate when dealing with matters that rely heavily on sensitive intelligence and collaboration with foreign counterparts. "It requires some courage to say this is a problem and we will deal with it. This is the way we will deal with it and offer solutions, alternate solutions," Mr Shanmugam said.

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Minister K Shanmugan on FICA

A person who is prepared to be thinking about issues sometimes has to change his views when he is faced with the real world and experiences. If a man looks at the facts, the real world and refuses to change his mind, he is either stupid or he is ideological, said Mr Shanmugam.

But that threat we face, as I said, are people armed with bazookas and I described this legislation as a toy gun. Because Singapore believes in the law, so we put forward the law, we give ourselves legal powers, but in reality, the kind of threats we face, the kind of adversaries and the resources they have in terms of manpower are far greater than what we have.

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Chan Choy Siong

The fight by the PAP Women's Wing (WW) for women's rights and development began in 1959 culminating in the Women's Charter, and continues through the years. The Women's Charter saw several updates including in 2016 and 2019. The discourse and conversations continue as society evolves and technology changes.

The past year saw more dialogues and conversations culminating in 12 recommendations which Chairman of the WW said would be presented to the Government for consideration.

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