Spotlight on AHTC saga: in good faith and in bad faith

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In the beginning, Singaporeans did not know that FMSS was owned by close affiliates of Workers’ Party (WP).Only WP and the Ministry of National Development (MND) knew these facts.But MND left them alone because, as then National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan said, they allowed some latitude with regard to party affiliation because TCs are […]

$1 Million Workcare Grant to provide rest areas for lower-wage workers

Workcare Grant

Do you think that rest-areas are a given at all workplaces? Well, you would be wrong to assume that! Because not all workplaces have dedicated rest areas for their employees. Hence, for this reason, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has recently set up a $1 million Workcare Grant for building owners, service buyers, and providers […]

Rest stops for drivers are available!

Rest stops for drivers are available!

Over the past (long) weekend, I was hoping to catch up on some much-needed rest but was hit by the sudden news of Singapore going into heightened alert. Whatsapp and telegram groups chats went a flurry over the new heightened rules that have just been implemented. Many poked fun at those who panic bought toilet […]