Rest stops for drivers are available!

Rest stops for drivers are available!
Driver eating at the boot of his cab, no rest areas
Viral photo of a driver eating out of the boot of his cab

Over the past (long) weekend, I was hoping to catch up on some much-needed rest but was hit by the sudden news of Singapore going into heightened alert.

Whatsapp and telegram groups chats went a flurry over the new heightened rules that have just been implemented. Many poked fun at those who panic bought toilet paper and shared memes about a certain badge lady.

Amidst all the jokes, one key worry that surfaced is the lack of rest places for drivers to have their meals while they are on the roads.

In addition, this photo made its rounds on the …sparking much outcry over the of our drivers.

for our drivers to give them proper rest

But fret not! We are here to share that designated rest areas for all drivers have been swiftly implemented!

In many locations around Singapore, such as at Ang Mo Kio Hub, Jurong Point Shopping Centre and the NTUC Clubhouse, safe resting areas are available for drivers.

Rest areas for food delivery personnel
Rest areas for food delivery personnel

This initiative, led by the NTUC, will see more community spots added to the list soon!

Here’s the current updated list:

  1. The Frontier CC, Pioneer
  2. Jurong Point Foodcourts
    1. Cantine @ B1
    2. Kopitiam @ Level 3
    3. Malaysian Boleh @ Level 3
  3. AMK Hub Foodcourts
    1. Foodfare @ Level 3
    2. Malaysian Boleh @ B2
  4. Sheltered MPH next to Radin CC
  5. Braddell Heights CC MPH
  6. Kaki Bukit Community Centre
  7. Kampong Kembangan CC
  8. Kampong Ubi CC
  9. Thomson Plaza Koufu foodcourt
  10. Punggol Plaza Koufu foodcourt
Rest area at Elias CC
Rest area at Elias CC

Rest area at Punggol Plaza
Rest area at Punggol Plaza

Help one another and keep our kampong spirit alive!

In her Facebook post, MP Yeo Wan Ling shared that it is important for the community to our food delivery riders.

Indeed, let’s continue to keep our spirits up, encourage one another and look for ways to be a blessing to those around us!

P.S Pls share this post with our drivers and food delivery personnel so that they don’t have to eat in the boot of their cars!

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