President Halimah sends congratulatory letter to Chinese President Xi Jinping on People’s Republic of China’s 71st Anniversary

President Halimah congratulates People's Republic of China

In her congratulatory letter to Chinese President Xi Jinping on the People’s Republic of China’s 71st anniversary, President Halimah commended China for their immense progress over the past seven decades. President Halimah noted that Singapore-China relations have grown in tandem with China’s development. This year is the 30th anniversary since the establishment of diplomatic relations […]

PM Lee congratulates China on the 71st anniversary of its founding

PM Lee congratulates China

In his congratulatory letter to Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, PM Lee praised China and the tenacity of its people for its remarkable growth in the past decades, lifting millions out of poverty. He is confident that China will ‘continue to grow and contribute to the stability and prosperity of our region and the world’. PM […]

Stringent COVID-19 test requirements for travellers from India

COVID-19 test Singapore

COVID-19 test requirements for selected travellers from India will be stringent. There are two levels of checks for the negative Covid-19 test results needed for entry into Singapore — at the airport in India prior to boarding and at arrival immigration in Singapore. The pre-departure COVID-19 test results must come from laboratories that are “internationally […]

Free flow of Indian FTs to Singapore? Not according to India

Indian CECA

Today, more than half of Singaporeans in the workforce are in PMET jobs and the number is increasing. Without the free trade agreements including CECA, Singapore would not be able to attract so many global multinationals to set up company here, creating many PMET jobs for Singaporeans.

Keeping the healthcare system intact during a pandemic

COVID-19, healthcare, intact, Singapore, Philippines

Hospitals in the Philippines have been overwhelmed by COVID-19 A total of 5000 cases were reported in the Philippines in just one day. Healthcare workers wrote to President Duterte: A letter written by healthcare workers said The health sector cannot hold the line for much longer We are waging a losing battle against Covid-19. Our […]

What are the most beneficial times to save? Not on a rainy day.

Duterte, Save, Philippine, Singapore

What is the best time to save for rainy days? Not when it is raining. The best time to save is when things are going well. You can never save enough because you never know how long it will take for a rainy day to arrive. It is tempting to dip into the coffers during […]