World’s smartest city; Singapore lauded for COVID-19 response

Smart City Index Singapore

Singapore tops the Smart City Index for the second straight year.

The ranking was released by the Swiss business school Institute of Management Development (IMD) on Sept 17.

Globally, the smart cities heading the list are cities that had handled the Covid-19 pandemic better.

Professor Arturo Bris, director of the World Competitiveness Centre at IMD, hailed Singapore’s approach to handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have watched Singapore’s performance over the last 12 months and have directly correlated Singapore’s continued success as this prompt response to an unexpected challenge where other cities have faltered,” he said in a statement.

The city-state had acted quickly and decisively to protect its habitants from the aggressive virus.

“It had a clear road map that it followed but remained flexible. The citizens were kept informed and therefore onboard with the decisions and the loss of freedom that these entailed. The Government was in position to provide adequate compensation to those losing out and did this wisely which is extremely important under crisis situation,” said Prof Bris.

109 cities were measured for the Smart City Index. The existing infrastructure of cities, the technological provisions, and services available to the inhabitants are evaluated over 5 key areas: health and safety, mobility, activities, opportunities and governance.

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