Carry out independent survey on older people doing menial work

menial work

There are people who work out of a need and there are people who work because they want to stay active and escape from the boredom of staying at home.

We don’t need to deny the second category of people in order to acknowledge and help the first.

We should not take away the right of the elderly to work to stay active if they are still fit to work – even if it is cleaning work.

What we need to do is to RESPECT them for the work that they do. You can do that by acknowledging their existence, thank them for the work they do. If not for them, you would not have a clean place to enjoy your food.

What is the key difference between WP’s formula and the White Paper’s proposal?

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Our ministers’ million-dollar-salary is the broad and blunt tool of many an opposition supporter who draws it out of their toolkit as a final resort to hammer and smash everything in the way when left with no other alternative response. But hey! Hold your fire (or hammering) as the WP had also proposed million-dollar salary […]

NTUC is working with companies to preserve jobs by first exploring all cost-cutting options

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NTUC reiterates that retrenchments should be the last resort for companies.

When retrenchment is unavoidable.

Companies must ensure fair treatment for workers who are affected by retrenchment.

NTUC’s Job Security Council and Employment and Employability Institute will do their best to match affected workers to jobs and ensure they receive training as needed for them to take on new jobs.

Keeping the healthcare system intact during a pandemic

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Hospitals in the Philippines have been overwhelmed by COVID-19 A total of 5000 cases were reported in the Philippines in just one day. Healthcare workers wrote to President Duterte: A letter written by healthcare workers said The health sector cannot hold the line for much longer We are waging a losing battle against Covid-19. Our […]

What are the most beneficial times to save? Not on a rainy day.

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What is the best time to save for rainy days? Not when it is raining. The best time to save is when things are going well. You can never save enough because you never know how long it will take for a rainy day to arrive. It is tempting to dip into the coffers during […]