Keeping the healthcare system intact during a pandemic

COVID-19, healthcare, intact, Singapore, Philippines

Hospitals in the Philippines have been overwhelmed by COVID-19

A total of 5000 cases were reported in the Philippines in just one day.

COVID-19, healthcare, intact, Singapore, Philippines

Healthcare workers wrote to President Duterte:

A letter written by healthcare workers said

The health sector cannot hold the line for much longer We are waging a losing battle against Covid-19.

Our healthcare system has been overwhelmed," they said, adding that many doctors and nurses were resigning "because of fear, fatigue, and poor working conditions. We need a consolidated action plan, they said.

In his address to them, Mr Duterte said:

We are aware that you are tired. But we don't have anywhere else to go. You were the ones who have the education, the know-how. You tell us about your agony, and you tell us you're ready to quit. I plead with you, 'Please don't'. Our countrymen need you.

Healthcare remained intact in Singapore

The Singapore government has responded by building tiered care facilities, isolating the elderly and those with medical conditions, and rapidly expanding ICU beds.

  • The number of isolation beds we have increased from approximately 550 in January this year to close to 1,500 as of 2 May 2020.
  • In the same period, the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (“NCID”) increased its negative pressure isolation beds capacity from 100 to more than 500.

In his ministerial statement, Gan Kim Yong, Minister of Health, addressed Parliament.

Even after all the fear-mongering, more than 3 weeks have passed since polls closed on 10 July and no one has been infected with COVID-19.

In order to keep everyone safe, many have worked hard – from the ministerial taskforce to Singaporeans and even migrant workers.

It is important to give credit where credit is due. All of them deserve praise for their efforts.

All measures have already been implemented. As we move forward, it will be up to you and I whether we are able to beat COVID-19.


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