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Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) is still needed, Pritam says

National Development Minister Desmond Lee is glad that WP has made a clear, political change of position on the need for the EIP. As Desmond elaborated, we still need the EIP:

"Because we want our void decks, playgrounds and hawker centres to be places where we meet and get to know neighbours from other races.
Because we want our children to grow up with children of different races.
Because we want to avoid situations where racial segregation in housing leads to inter-generational inequality and deep-seated racial tensions.
Because that is how we press on towards our ideal of a cohesive and multiracial Singapore."

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Debunking the myth that CECA gives Indian nationals unconditional access to Singapore and immigration privileges.

Singapore’s success was not built overnight. We’re a small red dot on the map and have to constantly jostle to maintain our place in the world. We are nothing but a dust speck in the global arena if it weren’t for our success. Let’s not forget how precarious our position is nor be swayed by the baseless comments of netizens online.

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The Government will never waver in their commitment to promote harmony among all races and ensure all Singaporeans enjoy full and equal opportunities in life. We must have the humility to acknowledge that our multiracialism is still work-in-progress and we must continue to press forward with the approach of mutual accommodation, trust and compromise, not jostling aggressively to assert one's identity and rights over others.

"Let us each be our brother’s keeper, our sister’s keeper, and let us move forward with a spirit of mutual respect and fellowship: educating each other about what matters to us, helping each other understand our different cultures, and finding the common stake we all have in one another."

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Indranee Rajah

She co-chaired the formation of the Singapore International Commercial Court as well as the Committee to Strengthen Singapore as an International Centre for Debt Restructuring. These are part of Singapore's efforts to gear up to become the leading one-stop shop for international dispute resolution.

She also led a review which resulted in SkillsFuture, a national movement to align education with economic demand, career guidance and lifelong learning.

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