Ministerial statement on money laundering: how the case was uncovered in likely the largest anti-money laundering operation in the world

ministerial statement on money laundering how the case was uncovered in likely the largest anti money laundering operation in the world

Singapore’s money laundering case is one of the largest anti-money laundering operations not just in Singapore, but likely the world as well, Mrs Josephine Teo, Minister for Communications and Information & Second Minister for Home Affairs said in a ministerial statement. The probe is comprehensive and extensive. How it was uncovered It began with disparate […]

Tharman Shanmugaratnam announces that he will be running for President

Tharman Shanmugaratnam

With the recent news announced by President of Singapore, Halimah Yaacob – that she won’t be running for presidency this year – there have been speculations about who will be the next President of Singapore. In a letter dated 8 June to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Senior Minister Tharman stated that he would resign […]

Soft options are a luxury Singapore cannot afford if Singapore is to survive

soft options are a luxury singapore cannot afford if singapore is to survive

Times may pass, things may change but some facts about Singapore will never change. Singapore will always be a small country and hence, vulnerable. Singapore is not a natural country. It is artificial and man-made. For Singapore to survive, it will have to be better organised than countries in the region, said Mr Lee Kuan […]

WP Louis Chua is queried on his opposing positions on housing affordability

wp louis chua is queried on his opposing positions on housing affordability

Recently, it emerged that WP MP Louis Chua’s professional position on public housing differs from his party position. The WP MP has consistently maintained his party’s position that public housing is unaffordable. Yet, in his capacity as a research analyst, he wrote that housing affordability remained healthy. In an exchange in Parliament on Wednesday (Apr […]

Labour Day Special: On May Day, others strike, Singapore celebrates

May Day Cover

If you have been following international news, you would have heard of the recent strikes in the UK where tens of thousands of doctors, teachers, civil servants, lecturers, London Underground drivers, and Amazon workers took part in. Or the strike by South Korean truckers estimated to have cost more than $1.6 billion in lost shipments. […]