$2 billion every year to subsidise the running of the public transport system

Public Transport Singapore

Public transport is heavily subsidised. MRT lines are expensive to build. They also cost a lot to operate, to maintain and to renew ageing assets. The Government does not recover the infrastructure costs through fares, Transport Minister Ong Ye Kung said in his National Day Message to MOT. “Fare revenue is insufficient to cover these […]

And let’s not yell unfair hiring, just bcos we weren’t hired

Unfair hiring opionion

Does unfair hiring take place? The answer is “yes” according to Mdm Ho Ching. But just because you are not hired, it does not mean hiring is unfair. In a Facebook post, Mdm Ho Ching wrote: Is it acceptable to complain about unfair hiring practices? Sure it is, provided it is based on facts, and […]