And let’s not yell unfair hiring, just bcos we weren’t hired

Unfair hiring opionion

Does unfair hiring take place? The answer is “yes” according to Mdm Ho Ching. But just because you are not hired, it does not mean hiring is unfair.

In a Facebook post, Mdm Ho Ching wrote:

Is it acceptable to complain about unfair hiring practices?

Sure it is, provided it is based on facts, and not hearsay and speculations.

Is it acceptable to tarnish individuals, and dox them with photos and false claims?

Nope, that is a cowardly act of hate.

And let’s not yell unfair hiring, just bcos we weren’t hired.

And let’s not put up photos of innocent folks to dox them just bcos we don’t like their race or nationality, as a way to stir hate and hatred.

If we have a grievance, go report to MOM, to the board of the company, or to their regulator.

Better still, let’s reskill, upskill, to remain relevant in a fast-changing world.

Let’s not be fooled by anyone who tries to stir up racial biases that lurks beneath every one of us.

It’s a very short distance between hating one nationality to one race, and very soon, anyone who is different.

Unfair practices can happen anytime anywhere, regardless of race, language or religion.

We have an ideal to uphold meritocracy regardless of race, language, or religion.

Are Singaporeans all pure, innocent and just?

Nope, we are not, we can be knowing or even unknowingly biased and prejudiced.

It takes work, effort, and self-discipline to stay away from the emotional and divisive politics of hate.

Our diversity is both our strength and our weakness.

Guard that or we will fail as one people.

And this one nation cannot earn a living and have better livelihoods making and selling things to one another, however noble that may seem.

We have made our living connecting and interconnecting with the world and the region.

We have always found a place at the table serving the region and the world.

This holds well before modern Singapore, well before colonial Singapore.

And in the intensely connected world of internet and global markets, we forget this and will slip into oblivion as had happened in the centuries past.

We exist as a nation and can thrive as a nation, only bcos we can offer value to the world.

That are skills and ideas we can offer to the world, just as we can pick up skills and ideas from others in the world.

We are fighting covid together, and we are forging a better future together.

But it requires each of us to understand that we must constantly strive to be better and to adapt.

Better still, to be ready for the new world to come bcos the old world will not come back again.

Keep well, stay calm, be kind, on this new day called today.

Love and hugs

[Emphasis added]

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