Singapore’s economy set for a strong recovery next year, GDP to grow by 7%

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Singapore’s economy is set for a strong recovery next year after a deeper-than-expected slump amid the coronavirus pandemic. According to a report by the ASEAN+3 Macroeconomic Research Office (AMRO), Singapore’s economy is expected to recover strongly next year with GDP expected to grow by 7% after shrinking 6% this year. The GDP growth forecast for this […]

‘People aren’t dying in the streets,’ Brad Bowyer says

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As the world’s scientists rush to develop the COVID-19 vaccines in a desperate bid to save lives and economies, Brad Bowyer claims that the narrative that ‘economies can only fully re-open when a vaccine is available’ is one of the biggest agenda-driven hoaxes in history. He calls this a ‘fear-mongering’ narrative. “People are not dying […]