Unemployment Insurance in Singapore: Yay or Nay?

unemployment insurance

The topic of having an unemployment insurance in Singapore is not new. In fact, Labour MP Patrick Tay has broached the subject in Parliament and called for unemployment support for PMEs who are retrenched and transiting into their new jobs since 2016. NTUC and SNEF recently put forth the recommendation to introduce a national unemployment […]

Singapore’s strategy of staying open to MNCs to attract good jobs

In recent years, more surveys have shown that youths in Asia, including Singapore, show a marked preference for working in MNCs compared to local companies. It’s not hard to see where the allure lies, as millennials and Gen Z-ers are more attracted to a vibrant workplace culture. MNCs often offer flexibility and an interactive workplace […]

Ong Ye Kung speaks on the FTA strategy and the falsehoods surrounding CECA

Ong Ye Kung speaks on the FTA strategy and the falsehoods surrounding CECA

“FTAs and CECA have been made political scapegoats, to discredit the policy of the PAP Government,” Minister Ong Ye Kung said in Parliament 6 July 2021. In his ministerial statement Mr Ong  said FTAs in general, and CECA in particular, are not the cause of the challenges our PMEs face delivered. If anything, they are […]

2 common myths about CECA that causes a big hoo-ha


CECA has been an oft-used word in the FB comments section of news particularly pertaining to Indian nationals. It has also become synonymous with people’s critique of the Government and the supposed “free flow” influx of Indian nationals to Singapore. So, what exactly is CECA and why does it cause such contention? What is CECA?  […]

Singapore’s financial system has weathered COVID-19 well thus far: MAS Ravi Menon

Singapore financial system

In his remarks at the MAS Annual Report 2020/2021 Virtual Media Conference on 30 June 2021, Mr Ravi Menon, Managing Director of MAS said that the Singapore financial system has weathered COVID-19 well thus far. “Banks entered the crisis from a position of strength and have been a source of stability and support for individuals […]

Creating a new generation of jobs for Singaporeans: Chan Chun Sing

Chan Chun SIng

In his speech at the launch of the Temasek Polytechnic Advanced Manufacturing Centre (TP AMC), at Temasek Polytechnic, Education Minister Chan Chun Sing shared with students on how Singapore can scale up its manufacturing sector qualitatively and be in niche areas that will make us hard to displace down the road. To do this, Singapore […]

Burnt out while working from home? You are not alone.

man feeling burnt out

It would not be an understatement when we say the past year was not easy for most people. The impact of COVID-19 sweeping through the globe has certainly had an impact on the economy. This economic uncertainty coupled with the ever-changing safe management measures, has left workers struggling to cope.  With remote working foisted upon […]

Singapore Retailers Appeal to Landlords for Support

Singapore retailers

In a press statement on 16 May 2021, Singapore Tenants United For Fairness (SG TUFF) shared their poll result, showing that more than 81% of frontline businesses across retail, F&B, services and others are experiencing a sales drop of more than 50% versus pre-Phase 2 (HA). Approximately 45% are experiencing 80% or more sales drop, […]

4G Leadership: why you can put your confidence in Chan Chun Sing

Chan Chun Sing - MOE MInister

“We cannot save every job and every business, but we will take care of every Singaporean. We will not let widespread unemployment erode the confidence and dignity of our people.” – Chan Chun Sing June 2020 – A common thread running through Chan Chun Sing’s speeches is the expressed determination to ensure a successful and […]

On Foreign Talent: My Side of the Story Working in a recruitment firm

On Foreign Talent: My Side of the Story Working in a recruitment firm

As someone who works in a recruitment firm, I work with many MNCs on their recruitment needs. Trust me, we want to hire Singaporeans. Why wouldn’t we take care of our fellow countrymen/women? Unfortunately, the sad truth is that as companies look to cut costs, more are looking for combined skillsets and experienced individuals with […]