When he fails to convince, he confuses!

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When will Leong Mun Wai stop wasting the government’s time and focus on the right issues?

Some Context

Progress Singapore Party (PSP)’s Leong Mun Wai raised an Adjournment Motion during Parliament sitting on 3rd October 2022, to speak about “Ensuring Oversight of Public Expenditures”. Unsurprisingly, it was another attempt to discredit the government. He alleges that the government is not fiscally prudent and did not manage public expenditure well, citing the Sports Hub and SPH Media Trust cases.

"I can’t hear you...”

The Sports Hub issue has been addressed transparently by Minister Edwin Tong in a Ministerial Statement on 1st August 2022. Similarly, the SPH Media Trust issue was addressed by Minister Josephine Teo on 15th February 2022.

PSP’s Leong Mun Wai chose to ignore the lengthy and detailed explanations made by the Ministers previously and make false accusations and claims without any evidence(s). When he runs out of tricks and ideas, he then strings in other issues, like the GST hike and the use of Comm Care funds – which are all wholly unrelated.

"I’m an experienced businessman, trust me...”

Leong Mun Wai always reminds our parliamentarians that he’s a businessman with over 30 years of experience. Wow! But why is it that he has difficulty understanding the figures that have been presented?

Is he intentionally stoking anxiety amongst Singaporeans? Think of it – has he ever accepted any explanations given by the various Ministers since he accepted his NCMP post?

It is quite clear that Leong Mun Wai has two foci – One, to distract Singaporeans from pertinent issues and stoking their emotions baselessly. Two, to continuously deny any explanations, behaving like a rogue and claims ‘victory’ against the government.

He is doing a great disservice to Singapore – there’s no doubt about it. Our parliamentarians’ time could be better used to debate important issues, rather than entertaining baseless accusations and claims dug out from the past which have been clarified repeatedly.

Can we trust a man of his character?

Leong Mun Wai persistently ‘crusades’ against the government and picks every bone with every opportunity he gets.

It’s ironic how he accuses the government of imprudent use of public funds, but he himself has advocated for saving less and spending more, to maximize the use of our reserves and draw more than 50% of NIRC (Net Investment Returns Contribution).

If the Singapore government spent money in such a wanton manner as Leong Mun Wai accused, how was Singapore steered out of Covid-19’s devastating health and economic impact? Singapore tapped prudently on our reserves without having to borrow from other countries and be beholden to them.

Maybe he thinks that it’s magic and with a snap of fingers, everything will go well. But let this be clear – nothing happens by chance. If we hadn’t been prepared, Covid-19 would have devastated us and fractured our nation socially and economically.  

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