What Singaporeans say of Lawrence Wong as leader of the 4G team: a new era with a new leader

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At long last, the question of who will be the ‘first among equals’ in the 4G team is settled. The choice fell on Lawrence Wong when PM Lee made the announcement on 14 April, paving the way for him to be the next Prime Minister of Singapore. 

Here are some reactions from Singaporeans to Mr Wong being the 4G leader. 
A new era with a new leader, one that had the iron in him to make quite a few unpopular and tough decisions the past 2 years amid a and kept steady and safe. One that didn’t bow to populist demands and pressure from the public, from both local and abroad.
He has thinkers, planners, deal makers, and hopefully more grounds folks in his team to lead and hold together, to give the best possible of continued stability, security and prosperity for more generations to come.
My family came out of the pandemic safe and unscathed mostly, as compared to many countries so for that, I am thankful and he has my support.
The challenges ahead will continue to test this new leader of ours, with a financial storm looming on the horizon, and the festering war in Europe that has many countries scrambling to remilitiarise and give reasons to arm themselves to the teeth once again since WW2. Everyone is relooking at their and regional alliances and getting ready to be in shape for a fight.
A new era indeed, with warming, changing climate, possible nuclear power, all happening under his watch.
Let’s set aside personal agendas and political differences to give a better chance to sail through these challenges under the new team and contribute in our own way, for the sake of our current and future generations.
Let’s not wait and see how they perform , let’s make it happen as Team Singapore. MAJULAH
– Kelvin Lam
Lawrence Wong was the face and voice of reason and calm during the past two years when things were very challenging.
And he did his work well. He deserves the position of leader of the 4G team.
– Andrew Chua

Lawrence Wong is quite articulate and effectively bilingual. In fact, many 4-G leaders are effectively bilingual. In other words. SG is in good hands after LHL retires.

– Benny 

Photo taken with a resident when Lawrence was in Boon Lay
Lawrence has it in him to be an excellent leader, for a changing in the years ahead. He is down to earth, has his heart in the right place, and has the steel to make tough decisions. And knowing Lawrence, I’m sure he will earn the trust of Singaporeans in his own way and be a PM with his own character. That must be the case – each future leader must be their own man or woman.
Above all he will lead a 4G team that has been working well together for several years. Chun Sing, Ye Kung and the others each bring real strengths and dedication to Singapore. Plus they can count on the advice and full of PM Lee and the rest of us who came before them and still have legs.
We must keep improving, finding ways to make life better for ordinary citizens, and helping every kid have the best chances in life regardless of their family background. Holding together in a troubled world, but making room for different and new voices. And playing our part and finding creative ways to make the world more sustainable for the next generation. The work of governing is never done!
– SM Tharman Shanmugaratnam


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