Two special education schools to redevelop and co-locate to serve special needs students

Chaoyang School for special needs students

As part of  MOE‘s continuing efforts to support students with Special Educational Needs, two Special Education (SPED) schools serving students with mild intellectual disability (MID) will be redeveloped and co-located in Ang Mo Kio from 2025.

The two schools are Chaoyang School and Tanglin School.

Minister of State for Education, Ms Sun Xueling announced the move during her visit to Chaoyang School.

Chaoyang School (CYS) serves primary school students aged 7-12 years old while Tanglin School (TS) serves secondary school students aged 13-16 years old. The co-location of the schools will allow a seamless transition for students from primary to secondary education. It will also promote greater student interaction and learning opportunities between students.

“Students from both schools will be able to enjoy improved facilities at their new campuses. They will also be able to interact and learn together through CCAs and other school activities,” Ms Sun Xueling said.

Chaoyang School for Special needs children

Better facilities; expanded capacities

Co-location makes for a more efficient use of resources through the sharing of facilities such as the multi-purpose school hall and school field.

The new campus will be purpose-built with enhanced building specifications. This includes larger classrooms and modulation spaces to cater to students with MID. There will also be more aesthetics rooms and facilities for Physical Education (PE), Sports and Games. These include a health and fitness room as well as sheltered and outdoor play courts.

With the redevelopment, capacities will be expanded. CYS will be able to cater to 400 students at the primary level. At the secondary level, TS will be able to take in 350 students.

Ms Sun said, “With the expansion, we hope to meet the demand for places in schools serving students with mild intellectual disability in the North-East and Central region.”

“Students who need support can then benefit from the customised learning environments, dedicated resources and specialised educators in these schools,” she added

Vocational training facilities

Dedicated space will be set aside at TS for vocational training facilities. These facilities will provide opportunities for secondary students to hone their vocational skills. It will help to prepare them to progress to Vocational Certification programmes at APSN Delta Senior School and eventually to enter the workforce.

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