You know they don’t care for workers when they attack an effective union


The Online Citizen, run by a Terry Xu with help from Malaysians has been hyperventilating over NTUC’s effectiveness in helping workers. Terry Xu has no hesitation using cheap foreign talents from Malaysia even as he attacks the government foreign workers policies. That’s how hypocritical he is.

The unreliable site was most recently taken to task by ChannelNewsAsia for plagiarism. It wasn’t their first time.

In recent days TOC has turned their attention upon NTUC.

After NTUC received online accolades for its help for workers who were retrenched, including conducting a secret ballot to take industrial action, Xu and his merry men have been attacking NTUC for its work.

The almost daily pieces claim that NTUC’s higher-profile actions are because NTUC’s Secretary-General Ng Chee Meng had lost in the recent General Election. This shows their ignorance of what the NTUC has been doing over the years.

NTUC and its unions have always been in the news helping workers in retrenchments, finding jobs and even providing workers with cheap coffee and tea.

The Job Security Council, for example, was set up in February (months before the election) to help workers. It is an ecosystem built on trust. It has a network of releasing companies (companies with workers going to be retrenched) and receiving companies (companies with vacancies to absorb to-be-retrenched workers).  JSC provide transition support to at-risk or displaced workers with career coaching, skills evaluation, access to training, job-search assistance and job-matching services to improve their employment prospects and match them into new jobs.

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To date, it has matched more than 20,000 workers to new jobs!


Instead of doing proper research, Xu and his pack are happy to just pounce and whack. This is evidenced by one of his supporters, Dennis Lim Khing Seong, who posted a photo of a DBS photo from a DBS bank in India and passed it off as a DBS office at Changi.

When contacted and asked by The Straits Times if he had made any effort to verify the photo, his reply was ‘why should he do such checks’?

My assessment of Xu and his brood’s Pavlovian reaction is that they are probably surprised with the support Singaporeans to give to the unions for their help. Afraid that they were losing ground, TOC is mounting a desperate campaign to try to make use of Singaporeans’ anxiety and pain for their own selfish purposes.

We urge Singaporeans to be careful with sites like TOC, which plagiarize, hire foreign ghostwriters to attack foreign workers and immigration policies, and manipulate Singaporeans’ emotions to write articles for eyeballs. The more eyeballs, the more advertising revenues they make, like the now-defunct The Real Singapore once did.

Ragebait headlines or hyperpartisan appeals that twist the facts are designed to get traffic from people’s anger. If you have a strong emotional reaction to a headline/article, it’s time to slow down and look deeper. Check the facts. Verify. Verify. And verify.

You are not richer for lining the pockets of those who seek to earn revenue from your emotions.

To Xu and his pack – be careful, karma is real. Do good and speak the truth.

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