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WP Workers' Party

PAP Government wanted to help

In May 2011, in order to facilitate MPs who wanted to the void deck space to hold their Meet-the-People sessions, asked HDB to allow elected MPs to rent an appropriate amount of void deck space to set up an MP’s office to conduct such sessions.

The rental will be at a concessionary rate, similar to that levied for non-profit, social communal uses.

Of primary concern were the comfort, safety and privacy of residents.

However, WP decided not to build MP’s offices at the void deck.

Nothing to do with the financial cost

The reason they gave was the financial cost of building an office and having to reinstate it to its original state when space is no longer needed.

But we know that this is not the true reason. WP has no difficulty raising funds for any needs.

They raised half a million for their new headquarters in 2013 just by holding one variety show called Bricks In Blue.

They raised almost a million in just a few days when they appealed to the public for donations to help in the lawsuit brought against them by their town council. Raising funds is not a problem for WP.

The about PAP holding Meet-the-People sessions in beautiful community centres and RCs

Dhevarajan Devadas

Truth be told, PAP MPs do not hold their Meet-the-People session in beautiful community centres or even RCs. These facilities do not belong to the PAP.

PAP’s Meet-the-People sessions are held either in their own branch offices built with party funds or in their own PCF kindergartens.

The air-conditioned comfort is the result of the prudent of party funds carefully managed to ensure that funds are used where they benefit residents


WP sets up an to play as a victim

“Why do PAP MPs (including grassroots advisors in -held wards) get to hold their Meet-the-People Sessions in air-conditioned comfort, while WP MPs hold theirs in the open at the void deck?” WP Nathaniel Koh asked in a Facebook post.

Because WP chooses to play as a victim.

How can it be that after more than 20 years, WP is ‘unable’ to build a single MP office for their residents? Is WP such an unprogressive party? Each MP collects $192k in a year and a number of them have been MPs for at least 2 terms. Their combined resources are more than enough to build one office even without calling for donations.

WP have every means to build comfortable air-conditioned offices but they prefer to stick with open sessions in the void deck to set up a very visible to make themselves look like victims in a system.

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PAP sucks at playing politics

PAP excels in taking care of people. They prioritise residents’ comfort, safety and privacy.

WP prefers to play politics even if it means that for more than 20 years, residents have to attend MPS in the open, exposed to the elements. Party before people.

Who wins?

The one who chooses to play as a victim of course.


It breaks our heart to see residents and supporters being thus manipulated by WP’s politics.

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PAP should learn from WP how to play politics. The good guy is always boring. By all means, pursue good governance and integrity. But learn from WP how to put party before people without appearing to do so.

You can’t beat them in their politics without playing politics. Sad but true.

A resident’s last word

Workers' Party

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Meanwhile, despite the ‘uncertainty’ WP gave for not building MP offices for residents, town councillors have impressive offices for themselves to use – like this one:

Workers' Party

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