Thank you, AUPDRW: No more daily-rated workers in public sector!

Brother G. Muthukumarasamy

The Amalgamated Union of Public Daily Rated Workers (AUPDRW) has faithfully served daily-rated workers in the public sector for almost three decades through various programmes and initiatives. It began its process of dissolution in June 2021. Previously, these workers were paid based on the number of days they worked in a month. Now they have all been converted to a monthly scheme! The outcome? Higher wages, better benefits and more salary progression.

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Remaining members of AUPDRW have been converted into monthly-rated employees and have settled well into their new home, Amalgamated Union of Public Employees (AUPE Singapore).

These converted workers will retain their existing benefits and further enjoy salary progression as a result of the conversion. Other than salary progression, these workers will have an opportunity to enjoy higher performance bonus, mid-year and year-end bonus as a result of a higher monthly salary.

This came through with the effort of the late Mr. G. Muthukumarasamy, affectionately referred to as Brother Kumar, who raised this idea back in 2018. Converting the workers to a monthly wage scheme was his lifetime ambition. He was a veteran trade unionist who served in the Union of Public Daily Rated Workers (AUDPRW) for a good 27 years, and served as its General Secretary from 2002 until his passing on 29 November 2019. How many of us can stay committed to our cause for almost 3 decades?

Brother Kumar is remembered as a a caring, exemplary leader and Brother to those under his care. He had a clear goal in mind from the beginning – which was for all daily wage workers to be converted to monthly wage workers. This goal guided his passion for union work, even when he was unwell for some time before his passing.

While Brother Kumar has left, his legacies and contributions for workers live on. NTUC is carrying on the good work of Brother Kumar, in fighting for better wages, welfare and work prospects for our workers.


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