Jamus Lim proposes having a wealth tax in Singapore

Jamus Lim wealth tax

In Parliament on 1 Nov, Workers’ Party MP Jamus Lim proposed imposing a wealth tax ranging 0.5 to 2 per cent in Singapore. He said this could help diversify Singapore’s revenue sources and reduce income and wealth inequality. Jamus also argued that the GST affects lower-middle and middle-income families disproportionately. He proposed a tax of […]

Netizens react to Raeesah Khan’s lie in Parliament

Raeesah Khan

Something unfortunate happened in Parliament yesterday. Yes, we’re talking about Raeesah Khan’s admission to lying about the allegations she made against the police on 3 Aug. A quick recap: In parliament on 3 Aug, Sengkang MP Raeesah Khan shared an anecdote, in which she detailed that -she had accompanied a 25-year-old woman to make a […]

Workers Party is not the party that can lead Singapore

Workers Party is not the party that can lead Singapore

On the Raeesah Khan’s saga, netizen Richard Weng said that WP was in full control of the narrative but they chose not to do anything about it for months. As he pointed out, this incident did not just happen on 1 Nov. “This happened in Aug and more tellingly in early Oct where RK was […]

2020 and the relevance of the opposition to Singapore’s survival

opposition parties

2020 is the year where we have been tested as a people and as a country. It’s the year where every system in the country was put to the test, stressed and stretched. In a crisis of unprecedented proportion, where both our health and our economic survival were threatened, 2020 has shown how irrelevant the […]

Workers’ Party Chief Pritam Singh Echoes PAP’s Call for Upskilling

Pritam Singh Google Upskilling & Retraining

In a Facebook post on 3rd December, Workers’ Party (WP) chief Pritam Singh, shared that he met with Google representatives last month. Over lunch, they discuss how the tech giant supports job opportunities for locals in Singapore. The Google team told Mr Singh and fellow Aljunied GRC MP, Leon Perera, that it has some initiatives […]

With masterly strokes, Calvin Cheng exposes the hypocrisy of the opposition supporters

Calvin Cheng exposes the hypocrisy of the opposition supporters

Through a series of posts responding to WP Jamus’ and Raeesah khan’s social media posts, former NMP Calvin Cheng exposed the hypocrisy of the WP supporters, first by triggering them while confounding others, before concluding with an expose that left them speechless. The whole episode began with Jamus posting this: Learned a sweet bread called […]

Did the PAP cancel out the WP motion? Or did something else happen?


By Indranee Rajah So what really happened with the amended motion in Parliament on Wednesday night? Did the PAP really cancel out the WP motion? Or did something else happen? Here’s how it went. WP filed a motion on our justice system. See the blue infographic. The original motion had 4 main aspects: An affirmation […]

How can anyone survive on less than $1300 a month?

minimum wage

The simple and straight answer is: you can’t. Not even if you earn the minimum of $1300 if you have a family to look after.

$1300 is too low to be of much help in lifting a low-income family.

This is why the Workers’ Party’s call for a national minimum wage of $1300 is more a political cry than a genuine attempt to uplift workers. It is set at a level that avoids a big reaction from the business community while at the same time, portrays the WP as a party that cares. 

PWM has uplifted wages for workers without risking job loss, and minimising cost increases for consumers

PWM incomes for workers without risking job loss

98.3% are already earning more than $1300 a month. PWM will be extended to all sectors. With the PWM for the Lift and Escalator ready to phase in and the proposal for the Waste Mangement sector submitted, the number earning less than $1300 will be further reduced. With sectoral benchmarks for sectors currently without a PWM, what WP wants to achieve with MW is already achieved through PWM, WIS and these other policy measures.