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The news of Panasonic closing its factory in Singapore goes to show the importance of staying open and competitive.

NTUC and the United Workers of Electronics and Electrical Industries (UWEEI) union will support the affected workers and help them find new jobs. After the announcement on Thursday, several union leaders and industrial relations officers were at the Panasonic plants to speak with the affected workers.

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Meet the people who have been faithfully speaking up and working to uplift low wager workers including the 'father' of Progressive Wage Model.

Mr Lim Swee Say believes that these workers must be assured of career progression and that wage growth should not be stagnant. He believes that workers can upskill, be promoted and hence receive higher salaries. Therefore, he designed the PWM to be a wage ladder rather than Minimum Wage which would become a wage ceiling. It is this unwavering belief that saw the birth of the PWM and the uplifting of lower wage workers!

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Implemented in 2016, the PWM for landscape has seen at least 2 reviews to update wage increases to ensure the relevance of the model and to attract younger workers. The latest review also added 2 new specialist roles to the industry.

For Singapore to be a City in Nature, it is not the job of just a few but everyone has a stake to make this vision real and achievable. Behind this ambitious goal, the contribution by our landscape maintenance workforce should be duly recognised.

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Ng Chee Meng, NTUC Secretary General

The Tripartite Cluster for Lift & Escalator (TCLE) has conducted a review of the Lift & Escalator (L&E) PWM.

Recommendations include a six-year schedule of wage increase to the L&E PWM baseline wages from 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2029. This builds on the existing PWM Transitional Wage Benchmark agreed upon in 2018 which maps a schedule of transitional wage benchmarks from 2020 to 2022, A mandatory PWM Bonus is part of the recommendations.

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A refreshed anti-abuse decal for SOs with the support of the Ministry of Home Affairs!

Mr Desmond Tan, Minister of State for Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment, unveiled the refreshed decal design at AMK Hub on 9th July. "Abusive behaviour towards SOs should never be tolerated. This decal will serve to strengthen public awareness of the need to contribute to a safer environment for all SOs to carry out their duties. To complement industry-led efforts, MHA will also be amending the Private Security Industry Act later this year to send a clear signal against abuse and harassment of SOs. ” Mr Desmond Tan said.

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Richard convinced his company to introduce robotics into their operations. This led to an increase in productivity levels and improved workers’ work prospects.

When companies faced a shortage of manpower because Malaysians had to give up their jobs due to movement control restriction, he worked with his union and NTUC’s e2i (Employment and Employability Institute) to help fill the vacancies.

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Government accepts higher wages proposed for Cleaners by Tripartite Cluster

What we aim to achieve in Singapore through our tripartite partnership is to have a growing economy which is both pro-business and pro-worker, Mr Chee said. This is ultimately a whole-of-society effort, as the PWM is not only an economic policy but an important part of our social compact.

As such, he urged everyone to support these efforts through our purchases as consumers, and to signal to companies that we are prepared to pay a little more for essential services so that our workers can earn higher wages.

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