Addressing the issue of bullying in schools and our vulnerable young

Bullying in schools

The heart-wrenching story of a 13-year-old girl who overdosed on painkillers after being bullied in school brought bullying in school to the fore once again. There is a sense that her pleas have fallen on deaf ears and in that sense, the school has let her down. No case of bullying in school should be […]

Social justice warriors, respect the privacy of the vulnerable please!

social justice warriors : anti pap activist gilbert goh

Respect the privacy of vulnerable people including the homeless. Homeless persons are already without a physical shelter. To take even their dignity from them has got to be one of the worst robberies. The last thing a homeless person wants is to have his or her photo plastered all over social media and become the […]

Fostering a child and the attitude of self-entitlement

Fostering a child

Fostering is about the child. It is not about giving someone an opportunity to be a foster mother. A foster child does not come in to fill a need. The child comes with many needs to be filled. We are talking about vulnerable children with a traumatic past. Children who did not find love and […]

How can anyone survive on less than $1300 a month?

minimum wage

The simple and straight answer is: you can’t. Not even if you earn the minimum of $1300 if you have a family to look after.

$1300 is too low to be of much help in lifting a low-income family.

This is why the Workers’ Party’s call for a national minimum wage of $1300 is more a political cry than a genuine attempt to uplift workers. It is set at a level that avoids a big reaction from the business community while at the same time, portrays the WP as a party that cares.