Beautiful e2i career coach who packs a punch of wisdom

e2i Jacklyn

I didn’t expect to learn this much from a chat with an e2i career coach when Jacklyn first greeted me with a beaming smile. She has a knack at putting people at ease and felt more like an old friend. Jacklyn Lim, an e2i career coach since 2016, boasts an incredible track record of helping […]

How can anyone survive on less than $1300 a month?

minimum wage

The simple and straight answer is: you can’t. Not even if you earn the minimum of $1300 if you have a family to look after.

$1300 is too low to be of much help in lifting a low-income family.

This is why the Workers’ Party’s call for a national minimum wage of $1300 is more a political cry than a genuine attempt to uplift workers. It is set at a level that avoids a big reaction from the business community while at the same time, portrays the WP as a party that cares. 

How can our youth graduates and jobseekers cope during the pandemic?

Youth graduates

Our young people needs help to ride out this challenging time – everyone in the society needs to work together to stop the economic effects of this pandemic from disrupting these young graduates and young workers’ lives. On a brighter note, many youths do believe the pandemic will make their generation more resilient!

For Aviation Workers, 2020 May Just Be The Worst Year

Aviation workers

Warren Buffett has dumped his entire stake in airlines. Of the pandemic’s blow to air travel, the successful investor said that there was no joy in managing those companies right now. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has released its financial outlook for the global air transport industry in 2020. The bad news? Airlines are […]