The Curious Case of a Public Holiday Named ‘May Day’

The Curious Case of a Public Holiday Named ‘May Day’ - Ng Chee Meng

Mention May Day to most Singaporeans and they’ll know that it’s a yearly public holiday falling on 1st of May and a chance to score that long weekend for a much-needed staycay. As a young PMET, I’d be quick to admit that I didn’t know the significance behind May Day either. Luckily, a quick check […]

Debunking “folky wisdom”: Blood, sweat & tears of a UWPI union leader

Debunking “folky wisdom”: Blood, sweat & tears of a UWPI union leader

Late 2020 saw a flurry of exchanges among the Members of Parliament (MPs) over a debate on minimum wage. Workers’ Party MP Dr Jamus Lim insinuated that union leaders relied on “folksy wisdom” and argued that such “folksy wisdom” should not be relied on as the basis for policymaking. His statement elicited some vigorous reactions […]

This is “No time to die”, Highlander Asia’s Managing Director, Ms Kina Huang

Highlander Asia e2i

“No time to die” – the 25th instalment of the James Bond film series, is also the theme of Highlander Asia’s anniversary this year. In the past, they have always thrown elaborate parties in celebration of their anniversaries. The celebration is a more subdued one this year. Over the past 14 years, Highlander Asia has […]

Invisible Heroes: Security Officers are Frontline Workers too!

security officers

In case you haven’t realised, security officers (like the doctors and nurses y’all clapped for during the Circuit Breaker period) are frontline workers too. Like many of these healthcare workers, cleaners, transport workers, they stood guard to keep us safe even during the Circuit Breaker period! And in the past months, the workload of these […]

Beautiful e2i career coach who packs a punch of wisdom

e2i Jacklyn

I didn’t expect to learn this much from a chat with an e2i career coach when Jacklyn first greeted me with a beaming smile. She has a knack at putting people at ease and felt more like an old friend. Jacklyn Lim, an e2i career coach since 2016, boasts an incredible track record of helping […]

The risk of a political auction in minimum wage is real

political auction minimum wage

In Parliament, Dr Koh Poh Koon said that the risk of a blanket national minimum wage is the inevitable politicisation of minimum wage setting. In a political contest, a political party will likely come along to say $1500 reflects higher “moral imperatives”. Yet another will come and say $1300 is good, $1500 is better, but […]