Extremely important to maintain trust in the media: Shanmugam

Important to maintain trust in the media - Shanmugan

Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam said on Saturday (May 8) that it is extremely important to maintain trust in the media. Trust is of vital importance not just for the media but for governments and institutions, Mr Shanmugam said. “In Singapore, we take great pains — if you look at the Government — […]

Taking umbrage at umbrage: what some netizens have to say

Taking Umbrage at Ng Yat Chung

“Umbrage” is the word on social media in recent days. It’s a noun that means ‘offence’ or ‘annoyance’. To take umbrage is to take offence. Many, it seems, are taking umbrage at CEO of SPH Ng Yat Chung for taking umbrage at a reporter’s question. Most, it seems, are simply taking umbrage at the word […]

In Perspective: the failing newspaper model, a unique Singapore problem?

Why is SPH share price falling?

SPH’s recent plight and subsequent restructuring has been suggested to be a management issue, symptomatic of the uniquely Singaporean way of placing overpaid, under-qualified elites at the top. But is SPH’s plight really a problem unique to Singapore? A business model disrupted and broken by the internet Take a look beyond our shores. The newspaper […]