Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) is still needed, Pritam says

Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) is still needed, Pritam says

Election after election, in every manifesto since 2006, the Workers’ Party has called for the Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) to be abolished – with immediate effect. Various reasons were put forth including that the EIP hurts the minorities who had to sell their flats at a lower price, a point Mr Pritam Singh reiterated in […]

Majority must take extra step to make minority feel comfortable: Lawrence Wong

Majority must take extra step to make minority feel comfortable: Lawrence Wong

Our multi-racialism is not perfect and we have to keep working at it deliberately to reduce our imperfections, step by step, Finance Minister Mr Lawrence Wong said at the IPS-RSIS Forum on Race and Racism (June 2021). We got to where we are today not through confrontation or compulsion but through mutual understanding and compromise, […]

The simultaneous attack on NTUC and PA. A perspective.


The recent unrelenting attacks on NTUC and PA have raised more than one eyebrow. Why such a concerted effort to attack the two organisations? The Online Citizen (TOC) published 2 articles, one that claimed that the NTUC FairPrice ‘has been ripping off consumers for decades’ and another asking if PA and NTUC were ‘for the […]

Think you encounter a racist incident? Make a police report.

Encounter a racist incident? Make a police report!

This is how racism looks like, making disparaging remarks like “Malay, is it? Okay, no wonder”. A woman, Tan Beow Hiong, 57, is charged with one count of public nuisance and two counts of knowingly committing an act that is prejudicial to the maintenance of harmony between different religious or racial groups and disturbs or […]

Mufti Nazirudin welcomes updates on tudung; exchanges letters with PM Lee

Mufti Singapore Dr Nazirudin Exchange Letters with PM Lee Hsien Loong on Tudung Matters

The Mufti of Singapore welcomes updates from the government on a likely shift in allowing Muslim nurses to wear the tudung at the workplace. In a letter to PM Lee that is dated 27 March, the Mufti Dr Nazirudin Mohd Nasir expressed Muis’ deep appreciation of the opportunity to ‘continuously provide feedback and inputs on many […]

Tudung: change has to evolve gradually; Singapore cannot take precipitous changes

tudung issues in Singapore

SIX MONTHS AGO in August last year, Law and Home Affairs Minister Shanmugam met with Muslim religious leaders in a closed-door dialogue and told them that the government was considering allowing nurses to wear the tudung at work. But the closed-door dialogues and discussions on the tudung did not start six months ago. It started […]

Don’t import culture wars or allow issues of gender identity to divide our society: Lawrence Wong

Gender Identity

Speaking in Parliament on gender dysphoria, Education Minister Lawrence Wong reiterated that all medical treatment decisions, including the use of hormone replacement therapy, ultimately rest with medical professionals, the person with gender dysphoria and their family. “Such medical decisions are beyond the purview of MOE or any educational institution,” Mr Wong said. The Education Ministry’s […]

Unequal outcomes not entirely due to ability and effort, says Tharman

unequal inequality

To tackle inequality, we must address both unequal opportunities and unequal outcomes, SM Tharman Shanmugaratnam said in an op-ed he wrote for the Straits Times. Unequal opportunities early in life have a way of ingraining the advantages and disadvantages that last through life, he said. There is also a need to temper with unequal outcomes […]