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Singapore's multiracialism preserves, protects and celebrates our diversity

Some have criticised policies saying they make us more race conscious. SAP schools have often been cited in this regard. But we also have Madrasahs, and a huge variety of Chinese, Malay and Indian cultural organisations. "Should all this be done away with on the grounds they are not inclusive of other races, other languages, other cultures, other traditions? Obviously not, for that is not what our commitment to 'one people, regardless of race, language or religion' entails," Mr Wong said.

Our multiracialism preserves, protects and celebrates our diversity. Being Singaporean is a matter of addition, not becoming less.

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Chan Chun SIng

The government is looking to create a new generation of jobs in advanced manufacturing that will make full use of talent and potential. Education Minister Chan Chun Sing said the government's definition of success is how students can go beyond the Institutes of Higher Learning to keep learning and improving, and stay at the forefront of the manufacturing sector," he said.

"We are interested in helping our students become lifelong learners and get on to a new trajectory that will allow them to stay competitive in the years to come," Mr Chan said. 

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